SenecaGlobal: Outsourced Captive Center for Mission Critical Software Services

Edward V Szofer - President & CEO || Rao Tummalapalli - Managing Director & Founder || Swaminathan Mani - Director & Founder || SenecaGlobal
Edward V Szofer - President & CEO || Rao Tummalapalli - Managing Director & Founder || Swaminathan Mani - Director & Founder || SenecaGlobal

The landscape for IT service delivery is undergoing one of the largest transformations in the past 20 years. The IT landscape has never stopped evolving over the years – and it never will either. Cloud computing is putting more technology advancements at the fingertips of small, medium & large corporations to globally innovate, evolve, and compete like never before. Enterprise mobility is transforming business operations, real-time decision-making, and reliable collaboration are now critical to the success of every organization. It has changed the customary way organizations are doing business and engaging with their customers, partners, and employees.

Successful software companies understand that success is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistent innovation is required to stay ahead of the competition. Building a software-based business is as exciting as it is demanding. When it’s time to scale quickly, where will you find the resources? And when you access them, how will you maintain them for future growth? Meet SenecaGlobal, it has the recruiting prowess and human resource management in place to solve these problems. Software companies prefer to use the company to sustain a high level of product innovation and agile development.

A New approach in the IT Industry 

At SenecaGlobal, the software is in their DNA. The company through its experience and pedigree of excellence, has developed the industry-leading approach to navigate the clients to the cloud. The company, understands the nuances of the industry, and it knows what it takes to make the customer’s product vision a reality. The company leverages its software industry experience and software product development talent, to expertly execute the client’s project. The company also helps guide a sound IT strategy that aligns with the client’s business goals.

High-end Services 

SenecaGlobal’s vision was to create a unique technology services delivery model predicated upon a global outsourced product development model which was pioneered by the founders over 20 years ago. The company was founded in 2007, focused on offering end-to-end outsourced product development services to US-based technology companies. The company provides services that are difficult to sell and equally difficult to deliver. It also has a track record of building high-end services with smaller, full dedicated, productive teams.

Financial services businesses must use information technology in new and creative ways to overcome both the shortcomings of the past and the challenges of today. SenecaGlobal has the experience and expertise to put the right information technology to work for your financial services business. The company draws on deep experience across industries to help financial services institutions find innovative ways to optimize the creation and maintenance of software within an ever-evolving competitive landscape. The company delivers the services that meet the current needs and apply the leading-edge solutions that empower customers to meet new challenges.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

SenecaGlobal believes social contribution is a moral obligation of all individuals and institutions. Therefore, the company has proactively taken up causes close to core competencies. The company encourages and sponsors its associates to participate in social welfare activities that expose them to the difficulties faced by the people in society and provides them the opportunity to meet their personal altruistic goals.

Bright and Highly Skilled Leaders 

Edward V Szofer, President, and CEO’s strategic directs all aspects of the management and operations for SenecaGlobal. He has more than 30 years of management experience in IT and related industries. He has led a large consulting company specializing in IT and has also built highly profitable national & global organizations. As President, COO and a member of the board of directors of Whittman-Hart, he helped take the company public, and within 4 years, the firm achieved revenues nearly $500 million with more than 5,000 employees around the world.

Rao Tummalapalli manages SenecaGlobal operations in Hyderabad, India, and the overall strategic direction of the company. He is a Global IT leader working with leading corporations in the US and India. Rao has more than 25 years of experience in IT and management. He is among the early entrepreneurs to do outsourced product development from India with global delivery. He built global delivery organizations with the highest levels of client satisfaction and employee retention. He is the Managing Director at Alliance Global Services India. Rao started his career with Bell Atlantic, Inc. and worked with several leading companies, including Automatic Data Processing, Inc and Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

Swaminathan Mani directs corporate growth strategies for scaling operations. He also oversees the administration and finances for both US and India operations. With more than 30 years of experience in engineering and IT, he is among the first to bring software development to India, taking part in various “First in India” initiatives that helped shape the country’s economy. He built product delivery teams in India to serve clients in both US and Europe. Swaminathan also founded a software company services company, in collaboration with a German company, to develop mission-critical software systems for large chemical and power plants in India. He has published his work in several chemical engineering journals and has given lectures in professional management and engineering societies in India and the US.

Innovative and Relevant Solutions 

SenecaGlobal’s primary focus has always been on building the technology competencies of its associates whereby the company can provide innovative and relevant solutions to its clients. The company’s software maintenance will never limit the innovation and growth of the business. It helps realtime businesses ship innovative products at significantly lower costs. The company draws on deep experience across industries to help financial services institutions find innovative ways to optimize the creation and maintenance of software within an ever-evolving competitive landscape. Innovation in education is no longer confined to traditional coursework. The organization is enabling innovation in education that deliver more value and better learning experiences for users – whether they are preparing for college or learning new skills to further their careers.

Roadblocks and Steps to Overcome 

In most cases, the company asks its clients to part with their intellectual property, so that the company can build for them. The company has a delivery model that is not easily understood by the market, as it hires only local talent in the US and India, and does not bring anymore from India to work in the US. SenecaGlobal will continue to scale its business through organic and inorganic growth. Its solid foundation and performance history has put them in an enviable position to entertain quality external capital to accelerate its growth plans. The company will further invest in “Incubation Service Platform” so that it can deliver the services to a larger base of clients. Also, the company is currently working with technology companies in the US and Canada and plan to selectively expand. This includes potential complementary acquisitions.

Achievements and Experiences 

SenecaGlobal has consistently grown year over year since inception and is nearing 300 professionals today. The company has been profitable for over 9 years and is 100% client reference-able. At its core, the team is a firm with decades of experience in bringing ideas to life and delivering missioncritical software with an inno vative highly efficient & high-quality delivery model. Over the years, the company has perfected building small high-performance technology product development teams servicing clients both large and small. Its clients remain with them year over year, and it essentially becomes a seamless part of their organization. Ultimately, its vision is to be a “one-stop-shop” by providing long term outsourced product development relationships with USbased tech companies with the potential of building captive global delivery centers for its clients.