Shopee Indonesia Awarded as Best Private Partner by PT Pos Indonesia

Shopee Indonesia
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PT Pos Indonesia (PosID) awarded Shopee Indonesia as the Best Private Partner at the PosIND Niscala Award 2024 event held at the Cilaki Headquarters Building in Bandung, West Java on Tuesday night (May 28). The award was given to recognize Shopee’s consistent support in building good synergy with PosID, enhancing the success of PosID’s work programs in the logistics sector.

PosID Director of Financial Services Business, Haris, presented the award to Shopee Indonesia Director of Business Partnership, Daniel Minardi. Haris expressed PosID’s pride in serving millions of Shopee users by delivering packages from sellers to buyers across 514 cities and districts in Indonesia.

The award signifies the appreciation for the trust Shopee has given to Pos Indonesia as one of the courier service providers chosen by customers in the Shopee Indonesia application. Haris also stated that the award is expected to further strengthen the cooperation established between the two companies.

Daniel Minardi expressed pride in the award, saying it is a response to Shopee’s commitment to providing the best service to users. He also thanked PT Pos Indonesia for their support, stating that they have been one of the logistics companies that has helped Shopee connect sellers and buyers across Indonesia, contributing to the nation’s economy.

During the event, PosID also awarded several other company partners, including PT PLN (Persero), Bank BTPN, Bank BCA, and others. According to Shopee’s website, PT Pos Indonesia is one of the 13 logistics companies available on Shopee, offering a range of services including Instant, Same Day, Next Day, Regular, Economical, Cargo, and Pick Up services.

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