Shyair Ganglani: Shaping the Future of Brand Marketing in the Metaverse

Shyair Ganglani | Co-founder and CMVO | Metacom Global
Shyair Ganglani | Co-founder and CMVO | Metacom Global

Entrepreneurs with a vision possess a unique drive and ambition to create something extraordinary. They have the ability to see beyond the present and envision a future that is innovative and transformative. These visionaries understand that success is not solely about following existing trends but rather about shaping new paths and breaking new ground.

Shyair Ganglani, the Co-founder and CMVO of Metacom Global, is a natural-born entrepreneur who embodies the motto “see a need, fill a need.” Displaying remarkable initiative, he launched his first business at the tender age of 6 and has since established and successfully sold five ventures spanning diverse industries.

Hailing from Singapore, Shyair’s formative years in the Singapore Police Force during his national service instilled in him the invaluable virtues of discipline and courage. Graduating at the pinnacle of his class from the American University in Dubai, he started his career at P&G, devising and executing strategies for billion-dollar brands. Driven by an unyielding passion for staying ahead of the curve, Shyair delved into the blockchain space as early as 2015. His conviction that DeFi represents the future of finance and that Web 3.0 embodies the future of technology spurred him to found Metacom to help other brands unlock the potential of the Metaverse.

By harnessing his entrepreneurial spirit, military discipline, and audacious ambition, Shyair aspires to propel Metacom into a global powerhouse of the future.

Chasing Challenges, Unleashing Potential

From Shyair’s early foray into finance at P&G to his thrilling adventures in marketing, his journey has been a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs. But that’s precisely what makes life exhilarating, isn’t it?

One of the most significant hurdles he encountered was when he transitioned into marketing and found himself, a non-Arabic speaking man, tasked with capturing the hearts of women in Saudi Arabia for Always, a feminine hygiene brand. The cultural barriers seemed insurmountable, but Shyair refused to be deterred.

What happened next was nothing short of a revelation. Witnessing the power of digital and social technologies in bridging those cultural gaps, Shyair experienced a transformative “lightbulb moment.” This experience ignited his obsession with unraveling the potential of cutting-edge technologies to help brands authentically convey their stories.

Fast forward to the present, and we find Shyair as the co-founder and Chief Metaverse Officer of Metacom. Alongside his exceptional co-founder, Andrea Janjua, he is passionately guiding global brands into the metaverse and embracing the future of communication across multiple realities.

With his wealth of experiences and unwavering determination, Shyair continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing and technology, empowering brands to connect with audiences in groundbreaking ways.

Driving Transformation

Shyair’s passion for teaching and simplifying complex subjects has led Metacom to guide global brands in leveraging the Metaverse for meaningful connections with their future consumers. They break down barriers and create engagement opportunities, transforming the industry.

Teaching courses on the Metaverse and Web3 at the SAE Institute allows Shyair to shape the future of the industry by sharing knowledge with aspiring leaders. He equips them with tools and insights, igniting their imagination.

Shyair’s team is developing MADex, a Metaverse Marketing platform that connects advertisers, content creators, and media owners across realities. It enables easy launch and optimization of brand campaigns, supporting the creator economy.

Through teaching, leadership, and innovative platforms, Shyair drives change, propelling the industry towards a future where the Metaverse becomes integral to brand marketing and communication.

Path to Success and Personal Growth

Metacom embraces a culture of innovation, integrity, and ingenuity, guided by Shyair’s belief in working smart rather than working hard. They reject inefficient practices merely because they are traditional. Recognizing the power of innovation and technology, they prioritize effectiveness and simplicity while maintaining unwavering integrity.

Shyair emphasizes that Metacom highly values the discovery of innovative approaches. Those who uncover more efficient methods are not only recognized but also given the chance to travel globally and share their knowledge, enabling others to achieve similar results. Although this may involve navigating challenges and moving swiftly, it is regarded as an invaluable opportunity for personal development, expansion, and ultimate triumph.

Harnessing the Power of Generative AI

Technology serves as the driving force behind Metacom’s progress in developing resourceful solutions that cater to the dynamic landscape of the metaverse. While the hype surrounding the metaverse has been somewhat dampened by the rise of Generative AI, it is actually a powerful ally for the metaverse. Imagine AI-powered creativity shaping worlds and experiences within this digital realm—AI DJs entertaining in nightclubs, AI artists crafting masterpieces and even designing the galleries themselves.

Metacom has recognized the significance of Generative AI and has incorporated teachings on this innovation into their updated Web3 Education programs. Brands can now learn how to leverage Generative AI across their digital and metaverse communication channels. In the realm of advertising, MADex, Metacom’s Metaverse Ad exchange, will feature a Generative AI Co-pilot. This will enable advertisers to effortlessly generate assets tailored for campaigns across thousands of diverse touchpoints with just a few clicks, resulting in substantial cost and time savings.

Metacom’s integration of Generative AI showcases their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, ensuring brands can maximize their impact and efficiency within the metaverse.

Creating a Secure and Thriving Metaverse at Metacom

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Metaverse, Shyair believes that the next significant change on the horizon will be regulation. As the Metaverse gains prominence, policymakers worldwide are actively engaged in formulating regulations to govern and safeguard this nascent sector and its stakeholders. Shyair views regulation as a welcome development because it not only brings structure but also fosters widespread adoption—an essential factor for the scaling of Web3 beyond Web2.

At Metacom, the team collaborates with esteemed industry experts to aid policymakers in comprehending the technology and its implications for consumers. By sharing their expertise, they strive to prevent the recurrence of mistakes and pitfalls experienced in the Web2 era. Metacom is actively involved in shaping the future of regulation in the Metaverse, ensuring that it is both conducive to growth and protective of stakeholders’ interests.

Empowering Communities

Shyair envisions dedicating his retirement to enhancing digital literacy in underserved communities, empowering individuals by providing them with access to technology and the knowledge to utilize it effectively. This endeavor aims to unlock life-changing opportunities for those who have been deprived of them. However, retirement is still far off, and in the present, Metacom has a grand ambition—to accomplish for the Metaverse what Google achieved for the internet.

Just as our internet journeys would feel incomplete without the convenience of “Search” or the guidance of “Google Maps,” the current state of the Metaverse leaves many feeling lost and disoriented. Metacom intends to address this by launching a range of products designed to help individuals navigate their way within this virtual realm. By providing tools and solutions, they aspire to assist people in finding their virtual path and making the most of the Metaverse’s potential.

Navigating the Metaverse as a Lifelong Learner

Shyair offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to enter the dynamic industry of the Metaverse. He acknowledges that the Metaverse can be intimidating, with ambiguity permeating every step of the journey. However, he encourages them not to fear what they don’t know.

Instead, he sees the lack of knowledge as an opportunity for growth. Embracing the mindset of a perpetual student and continuously learning will pave the way for limitless achievements in this emerging new reality. Shyair emphasizes that being comfortable with being a lifelong learner is key to navigating and thriving in the evolving landscape of the Metaverse.