Singapore based Pyxis Launches Electric Passenger Vessels for Port and Ship Crew

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The era of enduring noxious fumes and the deafening rumble of diesel engines aboard marine vessels may soon be a thing of the past for workers commuting between mainland Singapore and ships anchored in the Republic’s waters.

With the unveiling of the X Tron, a new fully electric workboat on March 27, local maritime startup Pyxis aims to offer these workers quieter, cleaner, and more eco-friendly journeys across the sea. The X Tron, measuring 14.8 meters in length and capable of transporting 12 passengers and a crew of two, matches the size of conventional diesel vessels. It marks the debut of Pyxis One, a series of electric port passenger vessels.

Utilizing a catamaran’s two-hull design for enhanced stability, the battery-powered X Tron boasts a range of up to 50 nautical miles. This range is adequate for approximately two round trips between Marina South Pier and its adjacent anchorages, where the vessel will be based. Charging the X Tron to full capacity using a high-speed 150 kW charger, similar to those used for electric vehicles, takes around 2½ hours. A trial, conducted by Pyxis and SP Mobility from April, will include one such charger located at Marina South Pier.

Pyxis estimates that the X Tron and other vessels in the Pyxis One lineup could reduce carbon emissions by up to 120kg per hour compared to equivalent diesel-powered vessels. Additionally, with its streamlined hull design, the X Tron is anticipated to achieve 20% to 30% greater energy efficiency.

The company is developing two other product lines: Pyxis R, an electric riverboat catering to 50 passengers for sightseeing tours on the Singapore River, and Pyxis L, a more luxurious variant. All three models share a common lightweight, high-strength aluminum hull design. The hulls will be fabricated in shipyards outside Singapore and then transported for final installation and commissioning in the country.

The construction of the X Tron took approximately 11 months, with Pyxis aiming to reduce this timeframe to six months in the future. Pyxis has already secured contracts with local companies such as York Launch Service, Water B, Singapore River Experience, and Eng Motor Launch Service for its product range. The first Pyxis R is scheduled for delivery in the latter half of 2024.

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