Snapchat’s latest AI chatbot has already caused concerns among teenagers and parents

A couple of hours after Snapchat carried out its My Computer based intelligence chatbot to all clients last week, Lyndsi Lee, a mother from East Grassland, Missouri, advised her 13-year-old girl to avoid the element.

Lee, who works at a software company, stated, “It’s a temporary solution until I know more about it and can set some healthy boundaries and guidelines.” She is concerned about the way My AI appears to Snapchat users who are younger than her daughter.

New Elements of Snapchat AI Chatbot

The element is fueled by the viral man-made intelligence chatbot apparatus ChatGPT and like ChatGPT, it can give suggestions, answer questions and speak with clients. However, there are a few significant distinctions between Snapchat’s version and others.

Not only are parents criticizing the new tool, but so are Snapchat users, who are bombarding the app with negative app store reviews as well as social media criticisms about issues with privacy, “creepy” exchanges, and being unable to remove the feature from their chat feed until they pay for a premium subscription. These users are upset because the feature cannot be removed from their chat feed.

Snapchat was an early send-off accomplice when OpenAI opened up admittance to ChatGPT to outsider organizations, with a lot more expected to follow. Snapchat has compelled some families and legislators to consider issues that may have appeared theoretical just a few months ago

A few weeks after My AI was made available to Snap’s subscription customers, Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet expressed concerns about the chatbot’s interactions with younger users in a letter to the CEOs of Snap and other tech companies. He specifically cited reports that it can offer children advice on how to lie to their parents.