SoftClouds LLC: Predicting the Future of CRM

Balaji Ramachandran | Founder & CEO | SoftClouds LLC.
Balaji Ramachandran | Founder & CEO | SoftClouds LLC.

Customer Experience (CX) is a very important aspect in almost every business. As maintaining a comprehensive relationship with customers has often become a need rather than just a want, many businesses prefer to lean towards reliable CRM Solution Providers.

Meet SoftClouds, a leading technology solutions and digital transformation company that thrives in delivering exceptional and successful CX enterprise and global level solutions. Its modern solutions perfectly blend Oracle Technologies and Specialist Expertise to deliver sophisticated innovation. Its expertise, global alliances and end-to-end services have helped the company in redefining business models for various clients.

The Story Behind SoftClouds 

Being a leader in technology solutions for digital transformation—SoftClouds is at the forefront of Innovation and Customer Experience transformation in the evolving world of technology. Its solutions are designed to make your company’s products, experiences and interactions personalized to the needs and lives of your customers. Teams at SoftClouds focus on understanding what you and your customers need and then align the needs with the right solutions to fulfil them.

The company claims, since its inception in 2005, it has grown as one of the Most Successful Companies in America. It has marked its space in the Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US, three times in a row. The company has expertise in various industry verticals and provides a broad coverage of solutions that cater towards specific industries. Moreover, it has deployed technology solutions across a wide spectrum of industries from Transportation to HealthCare; Manufacturing to Automotive. Its experts thrive on invention and deliver next generation solutions that optimize your customer experiences. This has made SoftClouds to become a trusted business advisor and recommend CRM/CX solutions that best fit your business.

With over 14 years of experience providing customized architectural solutions and our status as an Oracle Platinum Partner, we know how to take your CX to the next level!” says the Founder and CEO of Soft Clouds, Balaji Ramachandran.

We Fall Together; We Win Together

SoftClouds cannot be defined with any one management style. Through quoting—”We preach innovation, empowerment, and aspiration at SoftClouds”, the company states that it has created an environment of continual learning that lets its teams learn & grow. Their employees, a.k.a SoftCloudians are empowered to take risks even if it means to take a fall, believing that there is no single fall and single win; rather it’s a collective approach.

‘Employee first’ mantra is the big drive for SoftClouds to attain success. With this cultural pillar, its employees are always addressed and considered in every decision of the company. The company’s work-life balance and personal life means more than the commitments made to themselves.

As a team, SoftClouds addresses their contribution made to the IT & Cloud sector by simply stating, “Customer experience is quickly moving towards personalization and customer delight. Newer trends and technologies like CRM, IoT, AI and cloud-based solutions are shaping up the future of things to come. Our Innovation teams are ready for being a part of this significant change and contributing to the growing IT sector.”

It also states that the teams are passionate about building innovative products and solutions that can transform businesses. SoftClouds recently launched a product—Qupplet, a natural language-based search engine for Siebel. “Currently being deployed at one of the biggest automotive companies, it is a dream come true for us and their Siebel users,” mentions SoftCloudians.

In addition, it has also delivered many more transformative solutions that have helped businesses find the best and most intelligent ways to achieve their goals.

Through Experiences one Evolves 

It has been an incredible journey so far and since we are forward looking, we think of everyday as a new lesson to be learnt and experienced,” states SoftClouds.

Customer Feedback has been a guiding light for the company right from the time when it was a 5-person company to a 150 people company, today. Its achievements and success have provided it with the confidence to build more and more solutions and innovation in products/architectures. The company always took its learnings and failures as direction towards betterment and improved quality experiences. Although it is important to focus on targets, but company believes that it is much more important to understand the customers and end users. Their teams always make sure that their customers are happy with CRM/CX and user feedback and the quality of the solution. This has helped them in getting repeat business wherever they go.

Embracing Tech for Optimal Efficiency 

At SoftClouds, employees acknowledge technological changes and try to stay ahead of the curve. They are always ready for moulding the upcoming future dilemmas and changes in their benefit. While competition is unaware and incapable of tackling the technology and industry changes/challenges, the company invests its time and resources in learning latest technologies, in other words, offering best out of best solutions. It specializes in catering to the needs of the customers and the end users. SoftClouds was founded with the aim of “Redefining Customer Experience” and by far, each of its implementation speaks of the same. Its team strives to always go the extra mile to make the life of its customers and end users easier and simpler. The company also makes sure to provide technologically advanced solutions to its customers with optimal efficiency and future-proof to remain ahead of the curve.

Glimpse of SoftClouds’s Future 

We have a passionate team of people, we believe in continuous improvement, and with our experts, we are ready for the future,” the company conveys. There are many elite players in the market who might offer technological solutions as needed, however, SoftClouds has the blend of technology and innovation that brings its customers to best of both worlds for its clients. The products and solutions delivered by SoftClouds has always received excellent reviews from clients from a wide spectrum of industries.