Stefan Kozak – Creating Memories with Live Communication

Stefan Kozak - Creating Memories with Live Communication
Stefan Kozak | Founder | Managing Director | CREATIVE PRO

Every business leader needs to be as much of a practitioner as a facilitator. If you want to remain a leader, it’s crucial that you keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening, and stay on top of relevant facts, figures, and best practices. Other than that, the ability to come up with new and innovative ideas that propel your business forward is what allows leaders to stay around for quite a while.

I think, one of the most important characteristics of a business leader is self-awareness,” says Stefan Kozak – Founder & Managing Director at CREATIVE PRO. “You should know your strengths and weaknesses while understanding the fact that sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down,” he adds. Through years of practice, he has learned that it is crucial to make decision quickly, and not to hesitate while taking any action. Stefan strongly believes that it is necessary to lead people with passion and enthusiasm. It is an unbreakable force.

A Distinct Journey

In his early days of education, Stefan was able to successfully connect with creative people and enable unforgettable experiences for his clients. At University of Performing Arts, he was surrounded by actors, set designers, and architects who inspired and helped him in curating unique concept set design, dramaturgy for really outstanding live events. He always had a clear vision and stayed focused on bringing innovative solutions and measurable results.

In addition to the daily management of CREATIVE PRO Group, he is also active in BTL Association – BTLka. He oversees the development of foreign relations and cooperation between organizations.

CREATIVE PRO Group always remains open-minded and thanks to the international knowledge gained and imparted by Stefan, its team is able to come up with bold and fresh ideas. The company’s strategy is to be a leader and influencer in the live communication industry.

Dynamics of Live Communication

Live communication offers a wide range of services. From conferences, creative team buildings, festivals or gala events to brand activation, retail events and much more. It is always creating unique solutions that will absolutely fit the needs of its clients, helping them to reach their KPIs.

Live communication is an extremely important part of marketing. It has huge impact on internal as well as external communication of the brand. The company cooperates mostly with marketing and HR departments, but the impact of its work has been observed throughout the event management industry. “In these COVID times we came up with new solutions how to connect people and how to deliver required message,” explains Stefan. His quick decision-making and ability to act quickly came out as a major differentiator in the market. He managed to build a virtual studio and offered solutions through various virtual events and hybrid events to the clients.

With professional attitude and unique know-how for all types of live and virtual events, Stefan and his team can create unique concepts, build up dramaturgy with natural flow and deliver smooth execution without technical issues.

Future Course of Action

Due to coronavirus, corporate businesses were shaken as well. “What I can recommend to counter this is to not wait, but act. Take an action and find new solutions how to deliver message to your audience even though there are restrictions for live events,” Stefan advices. Virtual events or hybrid events have no limits and can beautifully cover all your needs, so this suggestion is actually very helpful if considered.

Stefan is attending several conferences a year (as a speaker and as a visitor) to keep himself updated with the latest trends. He also had the honor to meet and network with many inspiring people. The thing that enabled the company with an overview of live communication in Europe was its extremely enriching membership in 27Names network.

Stefan wishes to continue to explore new opportunities that the technology is bringing in every day, focusing on pushing the boundaries of live marketing industry. “We are entering a new era of virtual and hybrid events and we are excited to lead the innovations together with our clients,” he concludes.