Successful Business Sectors in Florida

Business Sectors

There are global issues that are affecting business and restricting the chances for entrepreneurs in many regions. But Florida is one state where there seems to be more scope for opening a new business. It is estimated that 900 extra people call the Sunshine State home every single day – and many of them are attracted by the potential for setting out on their own.

With a tropical climate, it is understandable why many people make the move south. A relaxed lifestyle, diverse populations, and the growth of Florida betting apps all make this part of the world very attractive.

Florida is the third most populous state and home to the fourth largest economy in the nation – and has consistently proven to foster an investor-friendly environment. But if you are beginning to think of relocating, what business sectors are in demand and popular in Florida? Read on to find out.

Real Estate

All those extra people arriving in Florida each year will need somewhere to live, so real estate continues to be a booming business. There are around 200,000 realtors already operating in Florida. But with an ever-growing demand for personal and commercial property, it is not a market that is struggling.

There are cities the length and breadth of the state that are all thriving and attracting larger populations, so overcrowding in specific locations is not a problem either. Look to concentrate in one region and be ready to put in the hard work. But real estate remains a profitable area to get into and Florida never seems to fall off the dream destination list for those looking to move.


Florida is already home to a wide and diverse range of communities, with people from all over the world calling the place home. A benefit for the people already there is that there are always new food places to check out – and a willingness to explore different cultures alongside that.

Restaurants are a popular entrepreneurial move here – but can come at a huge upfront cost. Luckily, food truck culture is very big and brings down the overheads for anyone with culinary skills. On a related note, the microbrewery sector has grown at an incredible rate in the last few years. This business area is very competitive but is now a multibillion-dollar industry, so those willing to put the hard work in have the potential to be handsomely rewarded in Florida.


Americans have looked south to Florida as a vacation destination for decades and travellers from all over the world are attracted by the long, sandy beaches and stunning scenery. But there is more than just Disney World for visitors to enjoy in this sun-drenched location.

Travel agencies can really profit from the desire of visitors to explore every part of Florida. From city breaks to alligator-infested swamps and the magic of the Keys, there is so much to see and do here that specializing in a particular tourism strand can be a good way of owning the market. Add to that the booming watersports industry using some of the state’s most scenic natural treasures, and it is easy to see why Florida never experiences a dip in popularity.

IT Support

Florida is home to all kinds of businesses but something that most of them have in common is the need for a reliable IT support network. Some of the bigger companies in the state will obviously have their own IT departments. But not everyone can afford them or even want to employ that service in-house.

IT support services are very popular in Florida and cater for the sheer number of other businesses making the place so in demand. The Sunshine State has started to attract a lot of start-ups in the tech business as well, so there are plenty of opportunities to complement and work alongside that sector.

Senior Care

It may be something of a cliché but there is no denying that Florida is home to a large number of older people. It is still seen as a very desirable place to retire for those who may live in colder climates in the northern states of the country. The result of this is that there are always opportunities in health and senior care services.

Obviously, these areas of business are highly specialized and not ones that anyone can just walk into. But if you have some kind of background in these sectors, Florida is one place where there is the potential for growth. Senior care is also a sector that includes a wide range of businesses and just concentrating on any small service that helps these communities can be profitable with such a large potential customer base.


With an ever-growing population and a thriving tourist economy, there is a real demand for transportation solutions in a place like Florida. Whether that means the more basic area of taxi work, or more nuanced transportation services, is probably only down to your level of expertise and skill set.

With so many transport issues and a business sector that continues to grow, there is also a demand for services that cater for others within that industry. Automotive repair businesses can thrive in Florida and it is a state that does not require its mechanics to be licensed. The rise in popularity of electric vehicles in Florida also opens up new avenues for those with experience.

The Future is in Florida

With a reputation for low taxation and a climate for investment, Florida would seem to be an ideal location for anyone looking to start up a new business or expand into a new market. There are more small businesses in the state than in many other states and there are no signs of that changing in the near future. Florida is business-friendly and capable of supporting more.

The attractions of life in Florida are obvious to everyone and the news that more new businesses are welcome should fire up the imagination of any entrepreneurs looking for a new challenge. The future seems bright and your future could well be in Florida.

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