Supporting STEM careers to build a pool of women leaders in Africa’s Energy and Power sector

Ms. Canninah Dladla
Ms. Canninah Dladla

Rockwell Automation

Canninah Dladla

Managing Director South Africa & Country Sales Director – Africa

Gender mainstreaming in Africa’s energy and power sector is crucial for achieving sustainable development goals and addressing the current gender gap in the industry. One way to promote gender mainstreaming in this sector is by supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers for women.

Here are some ways to support STEM careers for women in Africa’s energy and power sector:

Encourage girls to study STEM subjects: To increase the number of women in STEM careers, girls need to be encouraged to study STEM subjects from an early age. This can be done by creating awareness of the opportunities available in STEM careers and providing resources to support their education in these fields.

Provide scholarships and mentorship programs: Scholarships and mentorship programs can help women overcome financial and social barriers that prevent them from pursuing STEM careers. They can also provide women with the necessary support and guidance needed to succeed in their careers.

Create opportunities for women to gain practical experience: Practical experience is essential for women to gain confidence and develop the necessary skills for STEM careers. Creating internships, apprenticeships, and other opportunities for women to gain hands-on experience in the energy and power sector can help bridge the gender gap in the industry.

Promote gender diversity in the workplace: Promoting gender diversity in the workplace can help create a more inclusive environment for women in the energy and power sector. This can be done by implementing policies that support gender equality and diversity, such as flexible working hours, parental leave, and equal pay.

Advocate for policy changes: Advocating for policy changes that promote gender mainstreaming in the energy and power sector is crucial for creating a more equitable and sustainable industry. Governments and policymakers can be encouraged to create policies that support women in STEM careers, such as funding for women-owned businesses and initiatives that promote gender diversity in the workplace.

By promoting STEM careers for women in Africa’s energy and power sector, we can create a more sustainable and inclusive industry that benefits everyone.

African Women in Energy and Power

AWEaP is premised on the conviction that to eradicate energy poverty on the African continent, Africa needs commercially viable, multi-stakeholder-driven initiatives that will ensure the meaningful economic participation of women in the energy and power sector.

To achieve this it has been delivering market orientation webinars where value chains in the energy and power sector are explained by experts in the industry.

We partnered with AWEaP to deliver a series of market orientation webinars to achieve the following objectives:

  • To accelerate African Woman participation in the Power and Energy sector and a passion for developing young Female leaders within Rockwell Automation Africa.
  • To position Rockwell Automation Africa as a partner of choice, and share Channel solutions.

We support women through Enterprise development in South Africa and supplier development in North Africa.

About Ms. Canninah Dladla

Managing Director & Country Sales Director Sub-Sahara Africa

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