Surajit Roy: Making an Impact with his Work in the Financial World

Surajit Roy
Surajit Roy | MD | CEO

A financial business leader has become an integral part of the organization as they establish innovative strategies for the financial services organization. Having a financial leader enables the organization to quantify the limits and then measure risks to control and mitigate them. After multiple crises in recent times, the Financial Services Sector feels the need for a strategic financial leader to collaborate on the company’s financial outcomes. That is why experienced financial business leaders work to ensure that they ha ve a practical approach to comprehending the complex financial institutions across the globe.

In this reply, Surajit Roy – an out-of-box thinker with pro ven abilities, has stepped up to incubate his thought leadership at IDBI Intech LTD. Surajit’s professional journey starts with graduating as a BE from Pune University, leading IT companies, and emerging as an innovative leader throughout his career. He is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of IDBI Intech Ltd. and driving the digital transformation journey for customers in the Banking and Financial Services sector.

Summary of Professional Journey

An attitude to learn rapidly and a self-directed high standard of agile performance has been the foundation of Surajit’s career that spans more than 25 years with leading Technology brands in India. He has been mentored by some of the finest minds enriching his professional experience and has delivered pioneering digital transformation to customers in Banking & Financial Services domain across geographies.

Surajit had the opportunity to work with the Executive leadership of Wipro Limited taking valuable learnings from his interactions with the Ex-Chairman and Current Chairman. He has always belie ved in forming lasting business relationships, which reflects in his leadership style. His leadership style is hands-on and strengths-based, stitching business strategy and evolving customer business requirements with passion and determination for consistent Business Growth, Superior Customer Experience, and Employee Satisfaction.

Accessing Business Values

Surajit and his team continuously create new benchmarks of performance outcomes by channelizing inherent competencies and energy and nurturing experienced employees through organizational-led Collaboration, which makes the proper framework for employees to deliver and meet organizational objectives.

His responsibilities include leading from the front, instilling a growth mind-set, mentoring and appreciating employees and solving problems to instill a passion for the journey of innovative solutions. He also ensures a sense of pride in the work team delivers and offers employee motivation to provide the best services.

Values are the main determinants of the future growth for any compan y, and IDBI Intech Ltd. encompasses its culture of, Integrity, Ingenuity, and Intelligence to win customers’ trust in all processes.

Innovation and Integrity are the core pointers driving IDBI’s business growth and customer delight. The team promotes these values through every decision and action and recognizes & rewards employees who promote the culture – it constantly encourages employees to embrace the culture of Collaboration, Intent, Innovation, and Value led Outcomes.

Surajit champions non-linear, innovation driven growth and proactively assessing business environment. Making the customers win and gain edge over their competitors, helping both customers and IDBI Intech stay profitable and ahead of the competition curve is his objective.

Effective Problem-solving Skills

Surajit brings a unique approach to digital transformation—one that is driven by innovation, agility, and a start-up mindset. The result: an enhanced ability to deliver value-led accelerated business outcomes and a differentiated portfolio of services.

IDBI’s portfolio of services and solutions works on the deep domain knowledge it possesses as an organization by decades of working with leading BFSI customers in India and abroad. This distinction helps to play the integrated role of advisor and concept developer for clients before it delivers the product or solution to fit their requirements precisely. This is further enhanced by the significant investments in the latest industry solutions for Banking and Insurance, keeping in mind customer satisfaction and market demands as top priorities.

The organization is the technology leader in critical domains of Regulatory & Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Payments & API, and Enterprise-Wide Payments Transaction Reconciliation. Its technologies are platform-agnostic, secure, and easily scalable. For instance, the Payments Reconciliation software is capable of highly reliable and accurate reconciliation of transactions from multiple input sources using opensource platforms, capable of handling billions of transactions annually. All this is made possible by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies to address regulatory compliances.

Agile Execution of Technologies

Integrating Disruptive Technologies has led to the evolution of IDBI Intech. Surajit and his team bring a unique approach to digital transformation by driving innovation, agility, and a start-up mindset. The products are designed to seamlessly fit into customers’ technology architecture and integrate with their surrounding systems. They have decision-making capabilities that provide insights into consumer behavior, competition mapping, and easy forecasting. They have efficient Data Management and Analytics tools built-in.

The rapid evolution of digital transformation has led to the development an Enterprise Risk Management solution by IDBI Intech for the Banking & Insurance sector. The organization also has a digital solution for Enterprise-Wide Payments Reconciliation, PCI DSS certified and built on AI ML for efficient, error-free transactions reconciliation from multiple payments channels. The solution is capable of reconciling 5.5 billion transactions annually with maximum accuracy and precision for a leading Bank in India.

IDBI Intech has earned the customer trust and conviction in providing transformational digital solutions for Combatting Financial Crimes, i.e., Anti-Money Laundering, Early Warning signals, Trade-Based Money Laundering, Real-Time Monitoring systems, etc., which are platform agnostic, highly scalable enabling real-time monitoring, enriched with Analytics. The company’s anti-money laundering system can process 18.25 billion transactions annually for a leading Bank with one of the largest customer bases.

IDBI has also developed and executed seamlessly several digital products such as Corporate Liquidity Management System and Customer Onboarding solutions leading to disruptive business growth for Banking customers. It has launched digital banking on a social media platform for superior customer experience innovation story goes on.

Disruptive Growth Mindset

The team wants to be in the leader’s quadrant as a technology-led business transformation organization by integrating disruptive technologies – bringing highly specialized & niche products to the Banking and Financial Services entities using open-source, insightful analytics with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies, API Banking and Blockchain technologies for process reconciliations & online KYC for Customer Onboarding.

The products in combating financial crime, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise-wide Payments Reconciliation, and Payment’s middleware are global products based on open-source technology, are highly scalable, analytics-based, and secure, and can be easily dovetailed into customer’s technology architecture. The organization’s mantra is making the Customer Win and enriching their digital experience through our technology.x`