Tanmay Arora: The CEO revolutionizing Neurotech & Sustainable Fashion at Unwired India and Weaving Waves

Tanmay Arora, CEO, Bully the Bears

When we were kids, whatever we did, we put our heart and soul into every single little or grand pursuit we embarked upon, trying our best to move the gears and turn it into something beautiful. Years later, very little did we know about unforeseen situations in our careers and life. While it is not easy to keep up with our talents and values, very few people keep that spark alive to actually make a difference.

A true example of this is Tanmay Arora, who challenges himself by putting an extreme amount of effort into everything he does. What makes Tanmay unique is his passion, discipline, and belief in his ideas which took him on his entrepreneurial journey to create- Unwired India, Co-found – Bully the Bears, and lead as the Managing Director at Weaving Waves.

Tanmay is now set on the path of innovative leadership and creating a strategic impact through his work. He truly cares about making the world a better place through evolving next-gen technologies.

The Journey of a True Entrepreneur: Spearheading 3 Startups from the Ground-Up

Tanmay’s journey as an entrepreneur started about five years ago. Having worked at a couple of premier research and academic institutions, he decided to employ his academic knowledge in the business domain and spearhead three startups. From neurotech (Unwired India) to Fintech (Bully the Bears) and Fashion (Weaving Waves), he has traversed across multiple domains to find how the same transferable skillsets are the key factors that lead to success across most new avenues that one may choose to embark upon.

Through this process, Tanmay overcame several personal and professional challenges. A critical obstacle that he had to resolve in the process involved leveraging his time efficiently and effectively, particularly the barter between time and money, to manage his several entrepreneurial and personal pursuits. He realized how true growth lies in embodying one’s true authentic self, owning up to one’s unique identity—taking complete ownership & accountability of every aspect of people’s lives by choosing the path of most resistance & practicing unmitigated monk-like discipline in all things.

Learnings, reflections & realizations have driven Tanmay’s entire journey he found along the way. He realized how the hardest thing to do is almost always the right thing to do and how true growth lies in things we do not want to do.

Traversing Domains: A Journey of Innovations & Intersections

As a Neuro-technology startup, innovation is at the heart of Tanmay’s businesses. The team combines technology and consumerism to bring the latest scientific developments to the homes and lives of the people. Research and Development driven by science and technology are fundamental to the functioning of Unwired India, allowing them to identify potential roadblocks at a fairly early stage and stay at the forefront of technological development and innovation.

At Unwired India, the organization believes in a user-driven approach, as it aims to make personalized, consumer-centric Indian innovations the primary objective. The company believes in utilizing the efforts of traditional Indian artisans, cultivators, and farmers to pay back to society. It gives due recognition to the contribution of the traditional artisans as ‘co-creators’ in manufacturing the products. By integrating knowledge and long-established skills with the modern approach and resources, the organization aims to boost its social-economic development and drive its expertise beyond borders.

Globally Trusted, Accessible, and Affordable Tech Solutions

Unwired India is on a mission to make the mind and brain-tech solutions accessible and affordable for everyone. Members of the community can now create a personalized profile from anywhere globally and become certified community members to directly access, connect, and collaborate with pioneering neuroscientists, leading researchers, eminent scientists, technicians, entrepreneurs & community members! Each member’s unique profile is a one-stop solution to all their challenges, questions, issues, and problems associated with their brain, mind, and life!

This personalized solution allows the members to make the most out of their experience and access the company’s different products, services, member forums, and communities as it grows together and evolves by sharing the journeys with the community. Founded in 2020, Tanmay and his team like to believe it is bringing joy to New Delhi, and it’s something they hope to be scaling for years to come.

Impacting Lives, One Mind at a Time: Unwired India’s mission to empower 600 million lives by 2030

One year, 9 Teams, 6 Corporate Partners, 8 Global Chapters & 7 International Awards. The company now operates and engages with the community of changemakers through six primary verticals/projects:

  • The Hope Project: Scaling awareness against stigma, fear, and apprehensions associated with Neuro-disorders; 1,00,000+ readers.
  • Project Perceptron: Bridging AI & Brain Science: Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neuro-Augmentation, Neuro-Stimulation, Implants, AR/VR
  • The Brainbow Alliance: Collaborative platform to increase visibility & opportunity of underrepresented communities (BIPOC/LGBT/Women) in STEAM
  • The Plastic Brains: Nurturing Neuroplasticity: Empowering life-long structural & functional enhances, rewiring minds through modules & courses.
  • NEXUS (Connecting Minds & Brains): Affordable & Accessible Neuro/Psycho-therapy, Counselling, Complementary/Alternative Therapy and Peer Support for Mental Dysfunction Alleviation & Mental Function Enhancement.
  • The Aryabhatta Shankara Neurotech Society is the voice of Unwired India, representing global scientists, students & leaders

Strategic Impact Through Work: Integrating the Head, Heart, Mind, Soul and Chip

Tanmay is currently engaged in the pursuit to impact lives by helping transform traditional Neuroscience into Neurotechnology & Personalized Neuro-medicine through ‘Unwired India,’ which Microsoft now backs for Startups & the Y-Combinator Startup School. With all the community support & backing – the organization is now on a mission to impact 600 million lives by 2030.

Tanmay is on a personal journey to help inspire, educate, elevate & accelerate opportunities for empowerment within the framework of the neurotech domain. His partners happen to provide a platform wherein he can foster collaborations & embrace patterns, paradigms & paradoxes for impact.

Words of Inspiration

Sharing his thoughts to the budding entrepreneurs, Tanmay says, “The universe will ask you who you are; if you don’t have an answer to that, the world will tell you exactly who you are and what you’re destined for to be. It will make you settle for whatever restrictive definition they’ve concocted for your existence. Don’t let somebody else tell you who you are, how you’re supposed to feel, or how you’re supposed to be.

Own every little aspect of your identity and life with a sense of extreme accountability, self-discipline, and ownership. Consistency and Longevity are the key factors that will completely transform your personal and professional life if you let them. Be willing to suffer along the process and relentlessly strive to actualize what you were always destined to do. Reflect. Re-engage. Realize.”