The 26-Year-Old Explorer Bids its Final Goodbye

internet explorer

Tech Giant Microsoft shuts down its support for the 26 years old internet explorer from the mid of June 2022. Users will be automatically redirected towards the better and faster alternative Microsoft Edge. Sean Lyndersay, the General Manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise said, “Eventually, Internet Explorer will be disabled permanently as part of a future Windows Update, at which point the Internet Explorer icons on their devices will be removed.”

The redirect procedure will automatically transfer the user’s data i.e., cookies, passwords, bookmarks, favorites, and settings along with reload in IE mode supporting older ActiveX controls that several legacy sites implement to date.

Microsoft has revealed that the new versions of windows won’t consist of IE, and the existing one will be replaced in the next update of windows. However, the browser is being shut down it ill be still alive in Edge’s backend providing support to certain corporate web applications that a few numbers of devotees still utilize.