The Emerging Entrepreneurs Initiative Unveiled by the Sharjah Investors Services Center


The launch of the Emerging Entrepreneurs initiative aims to enrich Sharjah’s entrepreneurial environment and foster local economic growth.

The Sharjah Investors Services Center (SAEED), a subsidiary of the Sharjah FDI Office (Invest in Sharjah), has introduced the Emerging Entrepreneurs initiative to simplify the startup process for entrepreneurs and innovators in Sharjah. Developed in collaboration with the Sharjah Youth Council and the Sharjah SME (Ruwad), the initiative provides streamlined licensing procedures and manages all essential paperwork and government transactions through SAEED.

“SAEED was founded on the principle of consolidating services to enhance investor assistance, and with this initiative, in collaboration with the Sharjah Youth Council and Ruwad, we are expanding our focus to embrace young entrepreneurs and innovators eager to launch their projects and businesses in the vibrant markets of the emirate,” stated Saif Al Suwaidi, Acting Manager of SAEED. “These emerging business leaders will benefit from our customized facilitation packages, encouraging them to capitalize on Sharjah’s supportive and dynamic environment for entrepreneurial and innovative ventures.”

Ruwad will provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive support package tailored for startups, including financing programs, virtual business incubators for university students, and other services. Meanwhile, the Sharjah Youth Council will contribute by raising awareness among youth through workshops and educational programs.

Fatima Al Ali, Acting Director of Ruwad, emphasized the foundation’s dedication to cultivating and maintaining partnerships with governmental entities to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sharjah. She highlighted that, as part of this initiative, the Ruwad team engages directly with entrepreneurs interested in participating in the foundation’s membership program. This interaction allows new members to avail themselves of a wide range of benefits and support services, further enriching their network of 1,500 members.

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