The Lurking Threats Behind the Digital Welfare

In today’s digitized world, where businesses are booming with innovative ideas and solution-driven strategies, organizations are implementing the latest technologies to gain a competitive edge. These technologies preserve an enormous amount of data, making data one of the most critical aspects for any business and a big target for cybercriminals.

Cybercriminals for years have been conducting cyberattacks, but the unexpected spread of the COVID-19 virus came as a massive opening for them. The surge in the cases of a pandemic caused governments to impose worldwide lockdowns, increasing the number of remote working during that period. These lockdowns stroke as the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals as there was a heightened number of vulnerable devices for massive cyberattacks. They hit the iron while it was hot, targeting data of hundreds of individuals and organizations in a planned, coordinated large-scale cyberattack.

Sounds scary, right? How, as individuals, are we supposed to prevent private data and information if there is a considerable risk for data breaches and ransomware attacks. How are we supposed to feel safe where these attacks can range from targeting individuals to large organizations? As one of the victims of these cyberattacks, I felt vulnerable and helpless when these cybercriminals overtook almost everything from my e-mail to the intricate details of banking cards initiating unauthorized transactions. However, I was fortunate enough to recover each of my accounts. I was re-directed by professionals in the digital security space of the various organizations to help prevent further attacks on my data. The horror that I went through that day isn’t something that I would like to go through again, but even if I do, these professionals will always assist me to protect my data, ensuring my trust in them.

The leaders in the digital security space are consistently coming up with innovative solutions, despite the lack of talent in the industry. However, women from various professional backgrounds are now venturing into the digital security space to fill this gap. They are leading with their sheer expertise to secure our data as their priority. From connecting dots to developing new software, from protecting our essential data to educating the next generation, these women leaders are laying a robust foundation for a better cyber-secure future. The future in digital security is challenging, which is like an adventure, and these cyber leaders are overcoming the difficulties of today to prepare for a better and secure tomorrow.

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