The New Payment Era.

Lance Lau, Head Of Sales (Hong Kong Team)

Payment environment in Hong Kong has changed continuously over the years. Currently, we are experiencing a stage of transformation – from cash transactions to traditional cashless payment such as credit and debit cards being replaced by eWallets, mobile payments, virtual banking and the future usage of cryptocurrencies.

In Hong Kong, the pandemic has accelerated the development of the payment industry. Most merchants are searching ways to improve the purchase experience for their clients while also implementing the online/eCommerce elements to their business.

Payment Asia has designed and self-developed a mobile payment application called PA Pay – specifically for merchants – which integrates multiple payment channels, including credit and debit cards and a variety of eWallets. The application can also be applied to POS or smartphone operating systems.

We offer various online payment solutions including Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat Pay. Through API, it can be integrated with online stores, H5 web pages and applets. Besides, we can guide merchants and personal clients in the process of setting up international bank accounts (IBAN) for payment settlements and operate as an offshore virtual bank.

Payment Asia is now implementing blockchain technology to our payment platform and is actively developing an emerging cryptocurrency gateway. Although this can be seen as a baby step, it is still an efficient and effective way to get merchants to be ready for the new payment era.

We deliver value by providing merchants with a familiar payment gateway experience while bridging the gap between digital and fiat currencies. Customers will be able to use this new payment option while merchants will be protected on the fluctuation of cryptocurrency.

Features of Payment Asia’s Crypto Gateway:

  • Acceptance of major digital currencies (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, BCH, Stellar, USDT etc.) for online and offline payments.
  • Instant locking of rate to minimize merchants’ risk.
  • Withdrawal of funds in less than a business day.
  • Payment to merchant’s suppliers in 200+ countries with digital currencies.

On top of payment processing solutions, Payment Asia’s services also cover online and offline eCommerce payment strategies, payment gateways integration, eCommerce management, artificial intelligence, big data and more.

Our strength is based on creating a landscape for merchants and businesses in order to generate traffic and convert this into sales through our payment technology.

As transactions are made, we implement big data for our merchants, through our secure and robust business intelligence system. This data will be used to create inbound and outbound digital marketing strategies for merchants, so as to increase their conversion rates.

In addition, we have also developed a chatbot platform that uses artificial intelligence to realise real-time conversations to reinforce the interaction between brands and consumers.

With Payment Asia’s extensive experience in the market, moving forward into the post-COVID world, we aim to redefine the benchmark of online/offline and mobile payments – not just in Hong Kong but on a global scale.

Introduction of Payment Asia

Payment Asia, established in 1999 in Hong Kong, has over 20 years’ experience in providing customised all-around payment strategies to more than 10,000 Asian and multinational companies. Taking the lead in the ePayment technology and eCommerce management market in Asia, the company helps merchants to continue to grow in the wave of technological development.