The Story of Sonja Kohn

Sonja Kohn
Sonja Kohn

In the evolving landscape of digital innovation and personalized solutions, Sonja Kohn emerges as a pivotal figure with a rich history of pioneering contributions. Beginning her journey in the digital realm in 1999, Kohn founded FundsWorld in collaboration with Intesa, Italy’s leading bank, introducing a groundbreaking online platform dedicated to mutual funds. This venture marked the onset of Kohn’s significant impact on the digital and financial sectors. Kohn’s vision took a significant leap forward with her emphasis on personalized finance, where she patented proprietary technologies by 2002.

This focus on individualized financial services laid the groundwork for BestFit, a digital platform she founded in 2015, the ingenious fusion of behavioral science and advanced artificial intelligence. This remarkable generative AI platform penetrates the veil of ordinary interactions, delving into the fundamental elements of personality through a cleverly unassuming set of indirect questions. In just 2 – 3 entertaining minutes, BestFit uncovers the DNA of decision-making, motivators, preferences and many more aspects of human behaviour.

BestFit stands on the shoulders of giants. Over the years, our distinguished clients have deployed over 6 million of these personality decoders, delivering an incomparable wealth of data. BestFit was twice selected by Gartner Research as a Cool Vendor for Insurtech. Once for commercial results and once for health applications. BestFit’s insurance clientele includes the Zurich Insurance Group, Wüstenrot, Allianz and Maccabi Health. The platform offers unrivaled flexibility to meet the unique objectives of our corporate clients. Each question, each answer chosen produces an algorithmic value, enabling instantaneous and highly personalized communication.

BestFit’s discovery journey goes beyond the simple ‘ask and respond’. BestFit offers a suite of built-in functionalities that are as transformative as they are diverse. From email acquisition for client engagement, through social media sharing, to directing users to product purchase and delivering impactful messages which result in change of behaviour. Achieving change of behaviour like the long-term compliance with prescribed medicines, or the observing of dietary rules leading to a healthy lifestyle is a result made possible by BestFit’s unique synergy of science and technology.

BestFit has even built a state-of-the art interface to ChatGPT 4, paving the way for instant, hyper personalized communication, powered by the algorithmic values and scores generated during the Discovery Journey.

But why BestFit? The answer is engagement, increasing touch points with clients which lead to customer loyalty and policy renewals.

Our platform’s completion rates range between an astonishing 83% and 97%, providing immediate call to actions and client centric results. We provide a personalized experience that reads like a one-on-one conversation, understanding each client’s mind, and communicating with impactful hyper personalized messages.

The opportunity at hand is rare and invaluable. BestFit isn’t merely a platform; it’s a revolutionary leap in understanding and engaging with the complex tapestry of human behavior. Join us on this exciting venture and let’s redefine the horizon of personalized communication.

Conclusively, Sonja Kohn’s journey from founding FundsWorld to creating BestFit encapsulates her relentless pursuit of innovation. Her work exemplifies the transformative power of combining behavioral science with technology to resonate deeply with individuals. As BestFit continues to grow and impact industries worldwide, it stands as a testament to the visionary leadership and innovative thinking that can significantly transform the digital interaction and personalization landscape.