Tips to Be the Ideal Client for Your Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury

When you’re considering working with personal injury lawyers, you’ll want to hire the right one. However, that expectation usually works both ways. Every attorney wants to work with a “good client,” so to speak. But what constitutes a “good client”? Furthermore, how much of this can the client actually control?

In a nutshell, good clients are those who do whatever they need to do to make sure their claim goes smoothly. They act in a way that shows they also want to reach the best outcome possible. The following sections talk about the actions that constitute an ideal client.

Attending all Medical Appointments

Your doctor or physician will note down any missed appointments, and when one misses too many, the jury or insurance adjuster may assume that the damage or harm you sustained in the incident must not be as severe as you claim. This could end up costing you and your attorney’s money. Make sure you attend all your doctor’s appointments.

Responding to Your Attorney

Clients typically get incredibly annoyed when the attorney they’ve hired does not return their calls. So don’t be surprised to hear that attorneys actually feel the exact same way. If you do not return your attorney’s emails or phone calls promptly, you are not just wasting their time, but you could also end up hurting your own claim.

Cooperating in the Discovery Stage

When filing a personal injury claim in court, the defendant will send written questions known as interrogatories to your lawyer, accompanied by document requests. Your attorney will then forward these interrogatories to you, which you’ll then need to answer as soon as possible. You will also need to give your attorney all the requested documents promptly; failure to do so could lead to the dismissal of your case. Helping your lawyer means helping yourself, so respond to discovery as soon as you possibly can.

Set Reasonable Expectations

While your lawyer might understand how to maximize any offer you get, they aren’t in the business of doing the impossible. It’s important to have reasonable expectations of your attorney throughout your case. For example, if you sustained a relatively minor injury or something like whiplash, don’t expect your attorney to get you millions of dollars in compensation from the responsible party.

Your attorney will help you figure out your legal claim’s worth, but don’t forget that an estimate is simply a ballpark figure. It’s not something that’s set in stone. As long as both you and your lawyer fully concentrate on getting the compensation necessary for you to recover, you can be sure they’ll do all they possibly can to get you the most favorable and fairest results possible.

Trust the Legal Process and Be Patient

Legal Process

Sustaining an injury caused by the negligence of another can sometimes turn one’s life upside down. Suddenly, you now have to undergo lengthy physical therapy procedures, and the expenses begin to slowly overwhelm you because, most of the time, they’re usually unplanned. Many personal injury victims get frustrated during the whole legal process. Why? Well, because it takes very many legal steps before you can reach a settlement.

Preparing an effective and strong personal injury claim takes quite some time, as you’ll need to get important documents, attend numerous medical appointments, and answer interrogatories. As much as most will want to rush the whole process, try as much as you can to be patient and trust the legal strategies your lawyer is taking.

Final Thoughts

Even a minor mistake can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case. This is why lawyers hate clients who don’t listen to them. If you are dealing with a claim, just let your lawyer handle the case. Trust your lawyer.