Volkswagen CEO Says, US is our biggest Growth Opportunity


As Volkswagen looks to revitalize the Scout brand in the USA, CEO of Volkswagen Herbert Diess said that it is an opportunity for the German auto company to be much more American.

Last Wednesday, VW announced plans to re-introduce the Scout as a rugged SUV and a fully-electric pick-up, with prototypes to be revealed in 2023 and production anticipated to begin in 2026.

VW said in the same announcement, “designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S. for American customers.”

Diess said, “The United States is our biggest growth opportunity. We are still very niche, very small, with about 4% market share in the county. We want to get up to 10% market share towards the end of this decade. Scout is a beloved brand in the United States. So, it’s a good opportunity for us to become much more American.”

Diess stressed, “The firm had momentum, was profitable, and was really making good progress with the electric cars.”

Diess added, “If we really want to become relevant in America, we must look at the other segments. And pick-ups, big SUVs, are very, very big in America.”

On the overall prospects of VW in the USA, Diess said, “We’re building up capacities in the United States later this year, around August, ID 4 production will start in our Chattanooga facilities. We have programs for Audi and Porsche to increase their market share and we will see some more products, electric products, being produced in America, for America.”