W Buffett Advises College Students to Chase the Job they Want If they Don’t Have to Work for Money

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett in talks with college students gave them valuable career advice of choosing personal fulfilment over pure profit.

He advised, “Job seekers should seek employment in the field they would select if they did not need money.”

He wrote in an annual letter to shareholders, “pursue a job that you enjoy, in a workplace with talented people you actively admire.”

Buffett said, “Economic realities, I acknowledge, may interfere with that kind of search. Even so, I urge the students never to give up the quest, for when they find that sort of job, they will no longer be working.”

Berkshire Hathaway today has a market capitalization of $708.61 billion.

Buffett attributed his success to finding people who are decent and talented. Buffett agrees with the fact that enthusiastic stayers are more productive, more engaged and help businesses in becoming more profitable.

Buffett said, “With very few exceptions, we have now ‘worked’ for many decades with people whom we like and trust. It’s a joy in life.”