Walmart Selects Kindbody as its National Provider of Employee Fertility and Family-Building Benefits


The fertility provider for its new Center of Excellence (COE) for family-building benefits has been designated by Walmart Inc. as Kindbody, a prominent provider of family-building benefits for businesses. In addition to a brand-new cutting-edge clinic and in vitro fertilization (IVF) lab in Rogers, Arkansas, which will offer comprehensive virtual, at-home, and in-clinic care, associates will have access to Kindbody’s network of facilities across the U.S. Later this year, the new facility is anticipated to open.

The Kindbody team will be able to provide fertility care to Walmart employees and their dependents who are enrolled in a self-insured Walmart medical plan through this new COE at one of Kindbody’s Signature Clinics nationwide.

Kindbody will also be on hand to assist qualified employees in utilizing Walmart’s surrogacy and adoption perks. These Walmart benefits include a lifetime maximum financial contribution of $20,000 toward qualified adoption and surrogacy costs. For qualifying full-time hourly and salaried colleagues, Walmart benefits will continue to offer increased parental and maternity leave, allowing new mothers to take up to 16 weeks of paid time off. Six weeks of paid parental leave are also provided to new parents, including adoptive and foster parents, to help them bond with their kidS.

Walmart also offers free membership service for its Walmart Plus service to both its part-time and full-time workers.