WEF Postpones Davos Meeting Due to Covid Uncertainty


The annual January meeting of world leaders, executives, and billionaires in Davos, Switzerland will be delayed due to safety and health issues over Covid-19.

“The World Economic Forum will defer its Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, in the light of continued uncertainty over the Omicron outbreak,” the group said in a release Monday.

It is now planned to be conducted in early summer.

The in-person meeting was about to be conducted from Jan. 17 to Jan. 21 for addressing political, social, economic, and environmental fault-lines aggravated by the pandemic.

Organizers expressed that online sessions of “State of the World” will be conducted instead for focusing on shaping answers to the most pressing challenges of the world.

WEF said, “Coronavirus pandemic conditions had made it “extremely difficult” to stage a global in-person meeting next month. The transmissibility of the omicron Covid variant and its impact on travel and mobility had made deferral necessary.”

The annual Davos event is a cornerstone of international relations, generally draws activists, business executives, and heads of government from all over the world for discussing the world’s most pressing issues.