10 Business Ideas that can make you an entrepreneur in 2021

10 Business Ideas That Can Make You an Entrepreneur in 2021

Business Ideas that can make you an entrepreneur

As the global economies slowly start to re-stabilise, we can witness the emergence of new and dynamic businesses. Old may be gold, but old ways of doing busi-ness will certainly not prove enough for budding entrepreneurs and busi-ness leaders to thrive in this demanding and ever-evolving world.

So, an important question looms in the minds of many such individuals: which brilliant idea or business opportunity must one make the most out of, in the post-COVID-19 world? Professional business assignment help may come in handy here, but first, read our post.

In this article we attempt to do just that. Here is a list of 10 of the most profitable businesses to own or invest in 2021:

  1. Healthcare Business

Healthcare is a massive industry with a lot of innovative business opportunities. Some of the platforms offering such lucrative opportunities are:

  • Health-related mobile application and website marketing
  • Online pharmacy
  • Medical transcription services
  • Medical and hospital equipment distribution
  • Yoga studio
  • Chemists and Druggists stores
  • Diagnostic centre
  • Elderly care services
  • Substance addiction amenities
  • MRI scanning services
  • Virtual doctor services
  • Private ambulance services
  • Medical health insurance selling
  • Health management consulting

So many exciting opportunities and more under one umbrella, along with the development of many complimentary services to assist the healthcare industry are sure to make it one of the most fruitful endeavours to possibly invest in.

  1. Cloud kitchen/food delivery services

Cloud kitchens are delivery-only restaurant format with no dine-in facilities. Cloud kitchens accept orders online or by telephone calls. They primarily rely on online food aggregators, websites, or mobile applications to accept and deliver orders. On average, food distribution sales of restaurants more than triple the on-premises revenue. And it can be also done as a business from home.

  1. Cybersecurity

The viral role that cybersecurity plays in protecting our privacy, rights and freedom, and everything up to and including our physical security will be more prominent than ever during and after 2020. With more and more of data and infrastructure being relocated online, cybersecurity is a non-negotiable necessity. Companies developing or investing in reliable personal and small business cybersecurity software is a good business to start. The demand for cybersecurity solutions over here is rapidly increasing, making it a prime location for growth and innovation.

  1. eCommerce distribution platform for small businesses

The USA particularly experienced e-commerce growth of more than $600 billion since 2016. While statistics may look optimistic, big e-commerce conglomerates like Amazon are making it hard for small businesses to compete and get a “piece of the pie” from this industry.

That said, by providing shipping services, storing, and distributing products, small businesses can compete and even thrive. Evidently, smaller distributors leveraging the power of e-commerce are increasing in number and significantly drawing interest from the end-market, making it an attractive business to own in 2021.

  1. Consultation

Over the years, the consultancy industry has seen substantial growth, not only in terms of size but also in terms of service offerings. In recent years, the demand for specialist consulting services, like ‘CIO as a service,’ is being immensely sought by consumers. Some key areas that observe such hikes in demand are:

  • Consultation for retail and distribution businesses
  • International trade consulting firm
  • Offline and online security consultation firms
  • Corporate immigration consultant
  • Mental counselling
  • Financial advisor
  1. Virtual reality (VR)

Initially, VRs were for gamers. However, this technology provides endless opportunities in the health sector, tourism, training, and education industries to name a few. Using the senses to create a realistic experience, is the power that many industries are already adopting. By 2020 the VR market could balloon up to $40 billion in revenues, according to data presented by Statistica. This promises a great business opportunity for those with a background in information technology.

  1. Custom content creation (AI)

By merging AI with marketing one can start in a new budding industry: custom content creation.

Create a software tool that will help marketers to get a leg up against the competition.

It is a tool that easily creates content for them with a bit of human touch.

  1. Blogging

Do not be quick to sell blogging short. It is a pure internet business and can also be used as an online service business, and most people can start it on their own.

Rather than starting a blog for passion, it is better to do it the business way – with a team/group and with fixed niches and deadlines. If you are willing to take on projects, then this can be a stable source of income for you and you can also reap the benefits of accurate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

  1. Direct selling

Direct selling is the act of marketing your product directly to the consumer in a marketing program. It excludes intermediaries involved in distribution. Instead the products are sold directly from the manufacturer. 

  1. Online coaching

Online coaching is one of the best ways to learn online and one of the most profitable businesses today. Coaching with any category can lead to great success if they capture their credibility. Many online platforms allow teachers and coaches to host their class, also helping n mapping out every step in the process of creating said class. Such platforms include Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare, and more.

– by Aditya Umale

image credits – Mika Baumeister

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