Coronavirus deaths reach threatening levels unseen since early in the pandemic

Coronavirus Deaths Reach Threatening Levels Unseen since Early in the Pandemic

Daily Covid-19 related deaths in the USA have reached levels unseen since the early phases of the pandemic following an increase in the number of those hospitalized, a threatening sign that the present rise in cases is beginning to take its dangerous toll and that more tough months lie ahead.

On Wednesday, the USA recorded more than 2,200 new deaths due to pandemic — the highest-single day rise since May 6. The number kept the seven-day average of deaths more than 1,600, a figure close to that during the initial spike in cases and fatalities and brought the USA’s death total to more than 261,000.

Though far fewer people who test positive for the pandemic now die of it, the sheer number of those infected has increased in recent weeks. That, in turn, has heightened an increase in the death toll, and health expert’s opinion the figures could get worse in the coming months, as family and friends travel and gather together to celebrate the holidays, accelerating the virus’s spread.

On Wednesday alone, the USA recorded more than 185,000 new covid cases — a number that is huge in comparison to numbers from May, when at the high point, the nation witnessed a little more than 33,000 new cases in a single day.

That is perhaps due to a significant rise in testing, but there is little doubt that the USA is undergoing its most serious outbreak since the initial surge.

Sten Vermund, Dean of the Yale School of Public Health said, “Unless we witness a change in public attitudes and increased adherence to public health control measures, we’re likely to see things may worsen.”

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