10 Instagram Post Ideas to Spice up Your Account

instagram post ideas

It is way too tough to get noted on social media. And one of the most popular social media sites is Instagram which falls under the same category. When you are planning to put up something on this platform – be it any product post or any other miscellaneous posts, remember that you have innumerable competitors in the same field who all are struggling to receive attention.

Do not fix a single type of post every day; it won’t be enough to fulfill your desire to increase the following strength. Try your hand out to a new kind of post each day to build a solid foundation for your account.

So, to get into that position, let us go through the steps presented below to spice up your Instagram account with Instagram post maker.

Exhibit Your Products

Being an owner, you will have to present all your commodities in front of your followers. You must put up the features of the products in the most straightforward words. Don’t have a strict promotional temperament while speaking about your products. Your soft-natured behavior will attract the followers to put up a like or comment or share it with others. It will enable you to have a massive reach in your Instagram account. You can also work with the best Instagram growth service for a massive reach.

Many out there will become fascinated by the words you deliver and the way you portray your items, which will increase your sales and gain popularity among numerous others.

Ally with Influencers

The worldwide influencer market is on the verge of increasing from $6 billion (2020) to $24.1 billion (2025). This massive growth is the sole reason why huge businesses prefer to make themselves partner with socially famous faces. People believe in the words and messages of social influencers much more than people in the industry. That’s why these influencers create brand insight more successfully than industrialists.

Pairing your account with suitable eminent personalities will entertain your followers and therefore brighten up your Instagram account. For example, prominent models, actresses, or influencers with considerable following strength are fit to announce beauty products.

Upload any Tutorial

Digital Marketing conveys to their viewers much attractive and desirable topics to learn. So, tutorial videos are consistently evolving among all social media users. Top brands and companies post specific tips regarding their business and educate the public on becoming profitable.

The food maniacs who love to cook various types of dishes and also present them gracefully on Instagram are much loved by those who love to eat them but don’t know the recipe. So, the cooks provide the full recipe in exact quantities to help out the other food lovers who love to cook. In this way, any tutorial video will be enough to entertain your followers and gain many likes out of them.

Publicize Behind the Scenes

The followers in your account thrive on knowing what goes on behind the camera. People love to focus on the process you go through to attain a product or service or a perfect picture you share in your account. Allow them to be a part of your company emotionally by instilling their time viewing your post.

Display in front of your followers what goes on in your office. Do not show them the ordinary or conventional side of your office, instead prefer to publicize the exciting part, which makes your office have life within it. Show them how exceptional an official place could be.

Amusing Posts

Laughing is a natural medicine that is required to get rid of our daily tensions. You can easily spice up your account by posting funny pictures or videos. It’s better if you aren’t copying any meme from other famous identities because your followers have much more excellent knowledge of the surroundings.

Create your punch lines or funny videos using the online video editor, with which you can also edit those videos to imbibe quality along with comedy in it. Well, it’s advisable not to make any foul meme that will make you a laughing stock rather than laughing at your post. Also, your post shouldn’t hurt others, so be careful enough before posting.

Participation of the Followers

People get highly stimulated by hearing the name of any contest, which includes prizes. Moreover, giveaways on Instagram are always famous for developing a quick perk in your account. Giveaways will serve two motives at the same time, one – your brand will gain popularity, and two – the page you run on Instagram will progress incredibly.

But, before you decide to post the contest on-site, undergo a good planning session which will include the rules and regulations, eligibility requirements, prize, deadline, the date of announcing the winner, and how you will choose the one out of many. Choose the award or giveaway item that suits your business. Like, makeup products page – similar giveaway, baking page – cakes and cookies giveaway, etc.

Motivational Quotation Images

Everyone under the sky needs the motivation to survive in this challenging competitive world. If you can help one soul get back on track by just some meaningful, inspiring lines, then why not?

It will prompt their minds that they haven’t lost yet; there is much more to achieve in life and therefore go ahead with time. It may happen that after seeing your post, a student will start working hard to get the best college, or an employee will give their best to complete the project on time. For this reason, quote images are easy to share and one of the best Instagram post ideas to get instant reach in your account.

Display Your Caring Attitude

Having a direct connection with your community build trust and loyalty among your followers on Instagram. By leaving thoughtful comments and interacting with others, you can increase your visibility and get instant views to your own profile. The posts which you share should illustrate your involvement with your society or nation. For example, you can start a campaign of planting a tree after the sale of each product. Or help the needy kids to get their desired milk once a month.

Moreover, you can celebrate LGBTQ pride in June month according to your way. All these will surely profit you to reach your destination or increase the number of followers; additionally, you are trying out new ways to have a more outstanding picture of the nation by helping out one and all in distinct manners. Besides, many others may get inspired by you and start to help out others similarly. Day by day, we can hope to live in a better world.

Work on Instagram Reels

Reels on Instagram are the most loved feature. Teenagers, actors, actresses, and many others prefer to upload funny reels to entertain their audiences. Instagram provides the best short video platform to showcase your talents in just a minute or two. You can create joyous and creative contents by which you can exhilarate your account.

In short, you can produce something unique but intriguing and glue your viewers towards it. Therefore, start with the most exciting reel and go with the flow of making short, entertaining videos.

Authorize Your Followers to Put Up Questions

We are all familiar with the term ‘AMA’ or ‘Ask Me Anything.’ It’s an extensively available chance to jam up with your followers and intensify your account. They get an opportunity to ask you several questions about yourself and your brand. You can put up a story or a post requesting questions from the followers, and you keep on answering the same in the comments section. If you would feel like avoiding some, you can. It is a magnificent process of engaging with your followers on site.

Bottom Line

Do not feel let down if you are not reaching out to your desired goal in minimum time. Gaining success will need you to focus thoroughly through the process and a tremendous amount of time and dedication. With all these varieties in your feed, you can certainly add spice to your Instagram account. To gain followers instantly, you can use Instagram growth services such as Nitreo, Upleap, Kicksta, and Mr.Insta. These services will instantly increase your follower base, widening your audience reach.