‘No Single Firm can Resolve the Climate Crisis Alone’: Business Leaders Expresses Need of Cooperation

climate change

Whether it’s a sportsperson trying to outsmart his or her rival on the playing field or a technology giant trying to manufacture the latest cellphone and rule the market, in such cases competition and going all alone can be beneficial and can drive innovation and success.

But when it comes to climate change and the environment, things are different.

As COP26 is coming closer, calls for accepting a strategy that focuses on working unitedly in favor of a common agenda of keeping carbon emissions low and creating plans to address the issues our planet will have to face in the coming years and decades are growing louder with each passing day.

There are always exceptions or reasons or excuses and getting people to agree on common ground is highly challenging, but the focus on cooperation is beginning to span among business leaders, competent organizations, politicians, and civil society.

Thierry Delaporte is CEO of Wipro, recently emphasized the need for different parties or firms to work together to resolve the issue of the climate crisis. He said, “The reality is that no single company can address the climate crisis alone.”

He added, “To really have a big impact and to really drive real results to net-zero we need to standardize a net-zero approach to ensure the progress is made efficiently and effectively.”

Delaporte also expressed the need for a good relationship between firms and governments.

Delaporte said, “It must be substantially easier for companies of all size, all sectors across the globe to also move towards achieving a net-zero future. The connection with other companies, the ecosystem, the communication, and the cooperation with administrations in the respective countries is absolutely essential for us to drive substantial results.”