4 Mistakes to avoid while naming your business.


Does a company name really matter? Yes! A company or a brand will be remembered because of its name. Thinking out of the box while naming your business is necessary to stand out in the crowd. A name has the power to make it or break it. You should want your business name to be memorable, effective in the world out there.

Naming a business is like forming a building. If the foundations are strong, then the building stands firm; likewise, if the carefully chosen business name is on point, then your business branding and campaigning will perform better. 

Do not underestimate the power of your busi-ness name.

1. Avoid difficult names:

Choose names that are easy to remember and spell. Nobody likes a name that is too difficult to pronounce. You should not name your business difficult just to stand out, it does not work. Choice of correct words is important and if you choose an easy name then it is more likely for people to remember it in the long run.

Avoid using words that are not known by people all around. Most of the times people forget the name because they have not heard that name before, it should sound familiar yet different to the ears of the listener.

2. Avoid local names:

Remember that your motive is to grow your business as much as you can. So, select a name that is not local or regional. Giving your business your town’s or area’s name will restrict the customers to understand if it is of use or not.

Eventually, you know you have to make your business global, so, if you name it with a local name, it will not reach out to the people living out of your town or city. Do not limit yourself! Changing a business name later is time-consuming so better find a cool and catchy name right now.

3. Do not reuse a name:

Do not try to use the name that already exists. You don’t want yourself to fight a case in court for your business name. It will create a bad impression of your business and you. So, try to research the name you are thinking about. Choose a name that is not used by anyone famous too.

4. Avoid long names:

It is a saying that what’s in a name, but here in the business world, the name is everything.

Try avoiding long names, it might sound boring and uninteresting. The name should be short and sweet. A long name may switch into something weird. Also, many people use the initials of the words and make their brand names. It is too common and long at the same time.

Innovation should reflect in your brand name. It is difficult, but in the end, it is worth it. Think about how a name can be small, easy, interesting, unique, and catchy. People are more likely to lean towards a name that is simple yet fresh.

Take feedback:

When you are done with listing out options talk about them to your friends and family. Tell them few names and after a week ask them if they remember the name. If they don’t then your name is ineffective, try finding another.

Feedback always gives your ideas a different perspective. It is not always necessary to find a name that reflects your business. Apple does not reflect its brand; they sell electronics, but their name is easy to remember and short. Likewise, Amazon is a business but does the name reflect what they do? No. So, do not stress out so much, and search for a name that is catchy and easy.

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