5 Benefits of Using an Answering Service for Your Business

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From running your marketing campaigns, establishing the right team, planning, and building your brand to uncovering new business opportunities, it is easy to miss a phone call. According to recent statistics, businesses miss around 22% of their phone calls. Every missed call represents a missed opportunity. It also creates a negative first impression, damaging your business’ reputation, revenue, and brand. For this reason, you should invest in a phone answering service to receive calls on your behalf. Read on for five benefits of using an answering service for your business.

1.Never miss a call

All customers are critical to your business’s growth, and missing a call can make the difference between happy clients or losing them to your competition. Before a prospect makes a purchasing decision, they will likely want to speak to you in person. And if their call goes unanswered or they are sent straight to voicemail, it creates the impression that you are unreliable and do not value your customers.

For instance, if you own a veterinary business, investing in an answering service for veterinarians ensures you never miss a call. This helps you avoid losing revenue or garnering negative reviews and testimonials from unhappy clients that could deter other prospects from doing business with you. With a phone answering service, you are guaranteed to capture every business opportunity which is critical to your business growth.

2.Around-the-clock customer support

To improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase sales, build your company’s reputation, and stand out from the competition, you should strive to provide 24/7 customer support. However, it is not possible to open your business 24/7/365, and this is where an answering service comes in.

A phone answering service ensures a receptionist familiar with every aspect of your business is available 24/7, guaranteeing you will never miss a call. These receptionists can guide potential clients through the sales funnel and provide solutions to customer queries. Whether on vacation, during weekends, or after office hours, you are assured that your customers will receive the timely support and help they require.

3.Increased productivity

While telephone calls help you get in touch with potential and existing customers, which is critical to client satisfaction, too many of them can be a source of distraction. Too many phone calls interrupt workflow and compromise momentum, making employees waste time figuring out where they left off before answering the phone call. This hampers productivity, reducing profitability.

A phone answering service relieves employees of the burden of answering business calls, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of your business, increasing productivity.


Using an answering service in your business means you do not have to spend thousands of dollars recruiting, hiring, and training an in-house team. You will also not have to pay salaries and bonuses or provide paid holidays and sick leaves. This enables you to cut costs.

5.Establish the right impression

Whether running a startup or an existing company, a telephone answering service helps maintain a professional image and create a solid customer relationship. Your relationship with potential customers begins once they contact you, so having a professional ensuring no calls go unanswered makes an excellent first impression.


An answering service provides you with professional receptionists knowledgeable about your business who can receive calls on your behalf. Investing in a phone answering service ensures you never miss a call, provide 24/7 customer support, cut costs, increase productivity, and establish the right impression of your business.