A New Privacy-Focused Browser Is Striving to Combat Data Tracking

A new privacy-focused web browser, Mullvad Browser, was released on Monday by the Tor Project and Mullvad VPN, two organizations dedicated to protecting user privacy. The program can download and chip away at Windows, MacOS, and Linux. You can also download a Firefox extension that is still in beta.

An Overview

The CEO of Mullvad VPN, Jan Jonsson, stated in a news release that “the mass surveillance of today is absurd.” To reach as many people as possible and make it more difficult for those who collect data from you, the Mullvad Browser is all about providing additional privacy options.

The engineers of the Tor Project created the Mullvad Browser, which reduces data tracking to a minimum. It accomplishes this by presenting all users as a single entity, much like the Tor Browser. It means that users are protected more when more people use the browser.

The Tor Project’s executive director, Isabela Fernandes, stated, “Developing this browser with Mullvad is about providing people with more privacy options for everyday browsing and challenging the current business model of exploiting people’s behavioral data.”

End Note

The most recent privacy-focused browser is the Mullvad browser. DuckDuckGo and Brave are two other browsers that focus on privacy. DuckDuckGo offers clients an email assurance beta assistance that takes trackers from messages and other protection administrations.