Allgress: Industry Proven Risk and Compliance Management

Jeff Kushner | CMO | Allgress, Inc.
Jeff Kushner | CMO | Allgress, Inc.

Imagine you’ve been asked to manage the compliance process, but what does that even mean? Compliance regulations are exploding, making it almost impossible to keep up, and you have to be able to provide evidence of your compliance, but you and your auditor are speaking entirely different languages. What’s worse is you need to round up help from your co-workers because trying to manage compliance on your own isn’t working, but even that is easier said than done. Now you’re stuck with this overwhelming task, and the stacks of regulations just keep piling up.

There is a solution – Allgress. It eliminates the hassle and streamlines the process for you, so now you can feel confident in your compliance management because it bridges the gap between you, your auditors and business stake holders. Now you’re speaking the same language, and the best part is it won’t take months to get started & you don’t need a whole team of consultants because you have the power at your fingertips. Allgress provides the automation necessary to interpret information in a meaningful way for a variety of audiences, including senior leadership. The company brings business insight to compliance, taking the hassle out of the hard stuff for you.

End-to-End Risk Management Process 

Allgress is an established risk and compliance management solutions provider for organizations and their extended ecosystem of business partners. The Insight Risk Management Suite (IRMS) offers on-premises, SaaS, and hosted delivery options to manage hybrid cloud & on premises environments. The company is also the first vendor to utilize AWS API’s for compliance and security management of an AWS cloud environment. The Allgress Insight Risk Management Suite v7 (IRMS) is its award winning integrated mature risk and compliance management suite focused on helping organizations and their business partners manage the reduction of their business risk with less complexity and cost. IRMS provides a modular architecture that automates and streamlines the entire life-cycle for risk, compliance, IT security & third party vendor management process in the cloud or on premise. This provides the ability for its customers to craft and acquire just the right risk and compliance management system to meet their specific use-cases over time regardless of the industry vertical or size of the organization.

The patented Allgress Business Risk Intelligence Engine provides common services including data store, data acquisition engine, user-provisioning, content library, workflow, correlation, incident management, and visual reporting engine, which provides the infrastructure for an operationally consistent user experience regardless of the use case. Allgress provides organizations the automation for end-to-end risk and compliance management processes for increased time-to-value, usability, simplicity, and affordability with a modular architecture so that that organizations of all sizes can leverage its solution product.

World-Class Marketing Executive 

Jeff Kushner leads marketing at Allgress as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and has been with the company since July 2012. As CMO, he is responsible for the global marketing strategy, branding, positioning and market communications. Jeff brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in technology marketing and business development. Before Allgress, he has held positions that increased revenue and market penetration with market leaders, including BindView (now Symantec), BMC Software, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) and consulting to many organizations. His efforts have been instrumental in advancing the development and adoption of application, compliance & risk management.

Robotic Process Automation 

In addition to rising requirements of manpower and cost results organizations were slow, manual processes that opened opportunities for inaccuracy and error, impediments to business performance, increased business risk exposures, and difficulty in responding to auditors, regulators, and partner requirements. Some of the challenges included:

  • Lack of ability to respond to change in regulation, technology, business, partners
  • Human error
  • No single source of truth
  • No accountability
  • Complexity
  • No clear view of GRC

Allgress has addressed many of those capabilities in the newest release and continues to addressing these and other customer’s challenges by automating more of the entire end-to-end Integrated Risk Management (IRM) process with customizable logic and dashboards focused on the function of the user and robotic process automation using API’s, bots, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Identify Compliance Deficiencies 

The requirements for accountability, more oversight, and identifying business risk quicker are accelerating with new regulations, security breaches, partner requirements, fines, & reporting to target stakeholders virtually impossible. That lead to the introduction of automated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions. Many of these other solutions and old manual methods have their own challenges of being complex and expensive to implement.

Allgress’ goal when developing its solution was to overcome and reduce the complexity of these other solutions that introduced more complexity. To achieve that, the company introduced easy-to-use automated solutions with a common integrated approach that provides quick-time-to-value for all aspects of risk and compliance management enabling multiple people to work off the same data from identification to taking necessary action in less time, complexity & cost.

Configure Needs of an Organization 

Organizations were already struggling to keep up with numinous regulations and best practices that were being managed with spreadsheets and home grown applications using expensive armies of consultants. organization with less complexity, cost, and manpower of homegrown or other solutions. The solution is delivered ready to start providing a continuous picture of their risk and compliance posture for an entire organization to an individual department with minimal set-up. An organization can typically start correlating technical, procedural, and operational control information from multiple data sources and/or a traditional assessment against one or more policies then produce visual reports for different audiences within a “week or so”. With Allgress, customers can converge disparate enterprise risk silos to gain an immediate, intuitive and unified view of their organization’s risk & compliance posture that translates that data into the language of business to reduce business risk.

Reduce Business Risks Quicker 

Allgress IRMS provides the ability for its customers to craft and acquire just the right risk and compliance management system to meet their specific use-cases over time regardless of the industry vertical or size of the organization. Stakeholders and risk professionals receive a notification when a parameter falls outside the acceptable range with the supporting information they need to effectively manage the acceptance, exception, or mitigate the risk all within the solution. Allgress is pure play Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) meaning it only sells a GRC platform and not other solutions like infrastructure protection or other solutions. The company regularly attends and participates in online and industry events.

The company foresees and hears from its customers that they need to improve efficiency, communicate their risk posture quicker, increase automation, have the same management capability they get in their current on-premise environments in the cloud, and consume data from additional IT & non-IT data sources with responsive customer support. The company has and will continue to add seasoned professionals to its implementation and support team to help customers reduce their business risk quicker using years of industry experience and knowledge of Allgress, being most of them were Allgress customers before joining the company.