Arturo Perez de Lucia Gonzalez: Building Strong Business Foundations in E-Mobility

Arturo Perez de Lucia Gonzalez | General Manager at AEDIVE
Arturo Perez de Lucia Gonzalez | General Manager at AEDIVE

Arturo Perez de Lucia Gonzalez—a product of both American roots and Spanish education from the Complutense University of Madrid, emerges as a stalwart figure in the realm of sustainable innovations. His editorial helm steered diverse professional publications for over two decades, delving into the realms of energy efficiency, renewable energies, logistics, sustainable architecture, and sustainable mobility.

Presently positioned as General Manager at AEDIVE, the driving force behind the electric mobility market in Spain and Portugal since its inception in 2011, Arturo’s impact reverberates across borders. Simultaneously, he assumes the prestigious role of Vice President at AVERE, the European eMobility Association. His journey is fueled by a passion for sustainability encapsulating the synergy between American beginnings, Spanish education and a global vision for the future of electric mobility.

Let’s explore the electric future with Arturo, as he steers the course toward sustainable mobility and energy efficiency!

From Ink to Impact

Arturo is a seasoned journalist with over two decades of experience in energy efficiency, sustainable architecture and sustainable mobility further his move transitioned to lead AEDIVE in 2011. “AEDIVE started with 7 companies; today, we proudly represent almost 300, ranging from large corporations to startups, fostering electric mobility in Spain and Portugal,” shares Arturo. His commitment extends to public institutions, with around 300 actively involved.

Simultaneously, Arturo serves his second term as Vice President at AVERE, the European Electric Mobility Association. In his words, “It’s about driving change collectively, uniting industry forces for a sustainable future.” Arturo’s impactful leadership reflects a transformative journey from journalism to steering the electric mobility sector toward innovation and growth.

Connecting Continents

Leading a national electric mobility association, I’m also Vice President of AVERE, the European Electric Vehicle Association,” notes Arturo. This dual role provides him with a comprehensive perspective, as he shares, “It gives me a much broader vision than that of a country, with a constant vision of the European market but also others such as Asia.”

Arturo’s involvement in AVERE allows him to navigate diverse markets fostering a global understanding of electric mobility. He further adds, “On the other hand, because we share the same language, I’m very close to markets such as Latin America.” This linguistic connection enhances Arturo’s proximity to Latin American markets showcasing the multifaceted reach of his leadership in the electric mobility landscape.

Resilience in Disruption

In the dynamic realm of electric mobility, Arturo emphasizes the need for effective communication skills, “Leading in a disruptive sector requires sending correct and accurate messages about its advantages and opportunities.” Patience and resilience are pivotal, considering the resistance encountered by those hesitant to embrace profound changes in behavior and industry. Arturo navigates this challenge, noting, “We’ll have to face many people and professional sectors reluctant to undergo transformation.”

Drawing from his experience as an early adopter and user, Arturo reinforces messages empirically which is a crucial ability in promoting change. He succinctly highlights the multifaceted requirements for successful leadership in disruptive sectors, where clear communication, resilience and personal experience as a trailblazer contribute to driving transformative change. Arturo’s insights illuminate the path for leaders navigating the complexities of fostering innovation in the electric mobility landscape.

Seamless Synergy

Truth be told, our team is filled with people enthusiastic about electric mobility, mostly early adopters. It’s been easy to address the association’s objectives within the work team,” says Arturo.

The shared passion and early adoption within the team create a seamless alignment with the goals of promoting electric mobility. This synergy fosters a conducive environment where the team’s enthusiasm effortlessly propels the association towards its objectives. Arturo’s straightforward acknowledgment focuses on the intrinsic motivation and shared commitment that drives their collective efforts in advancing the cause of electric mobility.

Partnerships in Progress

Arturo asserts, “Tech companies, manufacturers and the entire industrial and entrepreneurial value chain of E-Mobility are aware of the need to strengthen partnerships in a coopetition market mode for developing mature business models.” Recognizing the imperative of collaboration within a competitive landscape, Arturo underscores the essence of fostering strategic alliances. This approach is a blend of cooperation and competition and is instrumental in laying the foundation for robust business models within the electric mobility sector. His insight captures the collective understanding among industry players about the collaborative efforts required to navigate the complexities of the evolving E-Mobility market successfully.

Global Fluency

Being at the helm of a business association dedicated to E-Mobility, Arturo highlights, “The advantage is the updated information from our associated members and the working groups. We have daily E-Mobility master classes, keeping us constantly learning.” The wealth of information from diverse sources within the association forms a dynamic learning environment.

Recognizing the importance of language, Arturo adds, “Perhaps, what we invest the most in is training in English for our workers, since a lot of information comes and is managed in that language.” This strategic focus on English proficiency underscores the association’s commitment to effective communication and seamless integration with the global discourse on electric mobility.

Powering Tomorrow

E-Mobility is not only about technology and sustainabilityit’s also about energy efficiency,” emphasizes Arturo. He underscores the unique capability of the electric propulsion system to interact with the power grid and power renewables.

Arturo adds, “My team and I not only work in this sector, but we also experience first-hand sustainability and energy efficiency because there is no better way to lead a market than by having a first-hand experience.” This hands-on approach aligns the team with the principles they advocate, creating a profound understanding of sustainability and energy efficiency. Arturo’s perspective underlines the holistic nature of E-Mobility intertwining technology, sustainability and energy efficiency for a comprehensive and impactful market leadership.

Team Empowerment

Leaders can reinforce organizational values by helping their people grow and develop through goal setting, opportunities and recognition,” says Arturo. He emphasizes his approach, stating, “That’s what I do, integrating the opinions and points of view of the team into the decision-making that affects the association.”

Arturo’s leadership philosophy revolves around empowering the team by incorporating their perspectives into key decisions. This inclusive strategy not only fosters individual growth but also reinforces the collective values of the organization. By aligning personal development with organizational goals, Arturo creates a dynamic and engaged team, showcasing how effective leadership can complement individual aspirations with the overarching mission of the association.

Insider Perspectives

Fortunately, our Association is focused not only on the industrial and technological perspective but also on services,” shares Arturo. This comprehensive approach provides him with a 360° view of the market. Arturo values collaboration with other very close sector associations, such as those linked to renewable energies, consumer and user organizations, among others. By engaging with diverse stakeholders, Arturo gains firsthand insights into the market from a holistic perspective.

This inclusive strategy ensures that the electric mobility association, under his leadership, remains attuned not only to the industrial and technological facets but also to the broader service-oriented aspects fostering a well-rounded understanding of the evolving market landscape.

Diversity as a Strength

It’s crucial Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership,” emphasizes Arturo. He clarifies, “We don’t bear in mind characteristics such as gender, race, age, religion, and or sexual orientation every time we increase our team.”

Arturo’s approach is centered on promoting an integrative culture where everyone feels welcome, valued and respected. By prioritizing diversity and inclusion in leadership, Arturo fosters an environment that goes beyond surface-level considerations creating a workplace where individuals from varied backgrounds contribute collectively. His commitment reflects a broader vision that transcends traditional markers, ensuring a workplace culture that embraces and values the unique perspectives each team member brings to the table.