Katelyn Tomaszewski: Championing Green Mobility – A Leader’s Perspective on a Circular Future

Katelyn Tomaszewski | Project Manager at CALSTART
Katelyn Tomaszewski | Project Manager at CALSTART

Katelyn Tomaszewski stands out as a dedicated Project Manager at CALSTART navigating the complex landscape of sustainable transportation and passionately driving the transition towards electrification. Advocating for the circular economy, she blends environmental and social considerations seamlessly in her leadership approach. In providing technical assistance for E-Mobility transitions, she prioritizes sustainable solutions that significantly reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption.

With a keen focus on electric bus fleets, battery technologies and innovative sustainable strategies, Katelyn’s role at CALSTART reflects her commitment to guiding agencies toward environmentally conscious solutions. Katelyn holds a Bachelor of Science degree and has earned variety certifications from MIT in business sustainability strategy. Guiding individuals and companies through their electric journey, making sustainable transportation accessible and seamless for everyone.

Katelyn is passionate about nature and travel, spending her time exploring national parks and traversing different countries. Whether hiking in serene landscapes or embracing diverse cultures, she finds joy in the beauty our world has to offer. Committed to making sustainable transportation accessible to all, Katelyn invites individuals and companies to connect, stay updated on the latest EV trends, and join the movement toward a greener, more sustainable future.


Katelyn’s journey into the E-Mobility sector took root during her college years, where she passionately delved into sustainability and marketing sustainable solutions. Her dedication to the environment, especially the preservation of national parks and the overall beauty of our planet, was palpable even then. Starting her professional career in the battery recycling industry laid the groundwork for her venture into the E-Mobility sector.

As my career progresses,” Katelyn reflects, “I’ve maintained my commitment to sustainability and the idea of a fully circular economy.” This dedication has not only propelled her personal and professional growth but has also positioned her as a leader in the E-Mobility sector. Katelyn firmly believes, “By integrating sustainable practices and promoting a circular economy, we can make significant strides in creating a cleaner and more environmentally conscious future.” For Katelyn, it’s a mission towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow that resonates with everyone from all walks of life.

Powering Progress

Leading in the E-Mobility sector, Katelyn adopts an affiliative leadership style, placing emphasis on collaboration, team building and cultivating a positive work environment. Reflecting on her journey, she notes, “My leadership approach has evolved from my early experiences in the healthcare field to now, emphasizing cohesive teamwork and open communication.”

In the fast-paced realm of E-Mobility, characterized by constant innovation and adaptability, Katelyn’s leadership centers on uniting diverse talents, fostering creativity and ensuring each team member’s strengths contribute to collective success. For Katelyn, it’s about more than just leading—it’s about creating a collaborative, dynamic atmosphere that propels the team forward.

Energizing Teams

Thriving in the fast-paced world of E-Mobility, Katelyn stays inspired, driven by her deep passion for the cause. She shares, “The continual evolution of technology in this sector provides a constant source of inspiration.” To infuse her team with the same enthusiasm, she focuses on aligning their work with a shared passion for sustainability.

Katelyn believes in an open exchange of ideas, stating, “I encourage everyone to feel empowered to contribute to the creative process.” Creating a collaborative and forward-thinking environment, she harnesses the excitement of E-Mobility to drive continuous innovation. For Katelyn, it’s about more than keeping up—it’s about making meaningful contributions to shared goals through a culture of creativity and shared passion.

Cultivating Equity

Katelyn prioritizes cultivating diversity by leading funding efforts which assist in the adaptation of E-mobility in  under-resourced communities. She notes, “Much of our work involves providing technical assistance to these districts, aligning with the industry’s shift towards inclusivity.” This approach ensures that their efforts not only address the immediate needs of these communities but also contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future in E-Mobility. Katelyn’s focus on electric school bus adaptation enhances  diversity and inclusivity for everyone re-enforcing  the importance of directing efforts towards under-resourced communities for a more balanced and sustainable future in the E-Mobility sector.

Open Dialogue, Strategic Alliances

In the dynamic landscape of the E-Mobility sector, Katelyn emphasizes that collaboration is the key to success, involving partnerships with tech companies, manufacturers and stakeholders across the circular economy. Recognizing the pivotal role of these collaborations, she employs a strategic approach to building and maintaining partnerships.

Katelyn shares, “I support these partnerships by organizing and participating in panel discussions and creating platforms for open dialogue and idea exchange.” These discussions serve as conduits for knowledge-sharing, strengthening connections between industry players. Fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration, she envisions propelling the industry forward collectively. For Katelyn, it’s about creating a more sustainable and interconnected future for E-Mobility through strategic partnerships and open dialogue.

Strategic Insights

As a leader, Katelyn underscores the importance of continuous learning, stating, “I prioritize continuous learning to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field.” Actively participating in ongoing education programs at MIT, industry conferences, workshops, and seminars, she remains at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends. Katelyn is currently enhancing her strategic insights through an executive certification in strategy and innovation from MIT, with a focus on business sustainability strategy.

To ensure a culture of knowledge-sharing, she encourages cross-functional collaboration, noting, “Learning from each other’s expertise is crucial.” This commitment to continuous learning, coupled with the executive certification, not only keeps her well-informed but also bolsters her ability to drive innovation and lead projects effectively in this ever-changing landscape. Katelyn’s approach serves as an inspiration highlighting the significance of ongoing education in navigating the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry.

The Power of Positivity

Katelyn shapes a positive and innovative culture within her organization by emphasizing the importance of embracing change and staying ahead of industry trends. She advocates for a culture that values diverse prospects, stating, “We can create a positive environment that promotes innovation by advances a culture that values diverse prospects, fosters creativity and encourages collaboration.”

This mindset, she notes, creates a forward-thinking organizational culture that is also resilient, dynamic and innovative. Katelyn’s leadership style is an invitation to recognize the transformative power of embracing change, fostering creativity and promoting collaboration in creating a positive and innovative organizational culture.

Respecting Complexity

Leading in the global context of E-Mobility, Katelyn emphasizes the value of navigating diverse market demands, regulatory landscapes and cultural nuances. She affirms, “Understanding that different communities approach E-Mobility uniquely, with varying needs in infrastructure, grid resiliency and battery capacity, is critical to navigating this landscape.”

Katelyn employs strategic collaboration and market research to identify and adapt to these differences within their work. Recognizing that communities have unique needs, she ensures that strategies are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each region. This approach, she believes, enables effective leadership that respects and responds to the complexities of the global E-Mobility phenomenon. Katelyn’s perspective appreciates the significance of adapting strategies to diverse market demands and cultural nuances for successful leadership in the global E-Mobility sector.

A Unified Vision

Katelyn emphasizes holistic leadership, noting, “It extends beyond vehicles to encompass infrastructure, policies and consumer behavior.” To address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities, she adopts a comprehensive strategy. This involves integrating sustainable practices across the entire E-Mobility ecosystem, from cutting-edge vehicle technologies to supportive policies and consumer awareness.

Katelyn believes collaboration is key. Collaboration with industry stakeholders, policymakers and consumers is essential in shaping a unified vision for E-Mobility’s future. This holistic leadership approach enables her to navigate challenges effectively, capitalize on opportunities and contribute to developing a sustainable and thriving E-Mobility landscape. Katelyn’s perspective encourages recognition of the interconnected nature of E-Mobility, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive strategy for a sustainable future in the industry.