AsiaPay: Redefining Digital Payment Solutions for Greater Good

Joseph Chan | Chief Executive Officer | AsiaPay
Joseph Chan | Chief Executive Officer | AsiaPay

Ever since the ‘digitalization’ came into the bright picture, the implementation of innovative tech in business processes has become often a need rather than a want. It has inherently boosted the growth of various businesses and help them to flourish in the current competitive markets. Fintech industry portrays itself as an appropriate explanation for the above statement.

Meet AsiaPay, one of the blooming digital payment company in this industry. Led by Joseph Chan, Chief Executive Officer, it is the leading electronic payment service and technology player in Asia and beyond. Being a premier digital payment solution and technology vendor, it strives to bring advanced, secured, integrated, and cost-effective electronic payment processing solutions and services to banks and eBusinesses around the world. It aims to help it’s business partners grow their business through online and other digital channels by providing innovative, secure and cost-effective payment solutions.

CEO’s Description of AsiaPay 

Being the CEO, Joseph Chan has always envisioned the day when digitalization and technological innovations will take over in both FinTech and retail industries.

He firmly believes the future requires cashless and even cardless payment transactions that would make shoppers complete their purchase, simply, in few taps. He states that this futuristic idea was fueled by the fluctuating demands of company’s Asian consumers and the growing eBusiness concerns in the region.

“Considering that the Asia Pacific is a collective of marketable countries with a wide population of digital natives, we have managed to bring our merchants and consumers the business-suited payment tools and services that are convenient for them in the eCommerce landscape,” says Joseph. Through the above statement, he exemplifies, with the help of such business-suited payment tools and services AsiaPay continues to provide innovative payment technology and gateway that would bring ease as well as security in this ongoing cashless generation.

He also states that AsiaPay leads to take advantage of Asia’s active card penetration and ranking with the highest internet engagement in the world. Moving away from traditional cash and card payments, eWallets and QR payments are often used nowadays when purchasing goods, be it in-store or online which predicts Asia’s progressive move towards the digitized economy. The company claims to continue to add up comprehensive and technologically advanced payments in its payment platform that offer a streamlined user-friendly experience that will boost eBusinesses productivity followed to the revenues. “New additions include Launch of Diners and Discover, Online Bonus Point Redemption, PayDollar SDK for Android and iOS, MemberPay, 3DS 2.0 Solution, Secure Remote Commerce…etc” says Joseph.

Presenting New Approaches to Clients 

AsiaPay runs a 24/7 online payments platform with multi-card and multi-currency features. This streamlined payment processing is made for both local as well as international users. AsiaPay’s top-notch services roll out a wide array of payment methods that are ranging from online, mobile and point-of-sale payments. Over the last 20 years, AsiaPay has led the global expansion of its accessible cost-effective payment processing technology in cross-border regions—namely in—Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Australia.

If compared to other companies/Unlike other companies, AsiaPay holds more than a decade of experience. Being a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant since 2006, it has opened up in multi-channels in Internet, Mobile, mPOS, SmartPOS, eMoto, Offline, IVRS, IoT, etc. It also includes payment solutions such as BatchPay, Card Promotion Payment, Member Payment Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), MCP, EventPay Installment Payment, Cash Dollar Redemption, Recurring Payment Mobile Payment (mPOS plus), QRPay and RetailPay. It also offers Fraud and security solutions like Built-in intelligent fraud management tools and reports, 3-D secure, CVV authentication and tokenization.

Into the Shoes of Leader 

Mr. Joseph Chan is a FinTech expert and pioneer of success in making technologies advanced payments through his company, AsiaPay. His influence in the PSP industry flew from being a Hong Kong-based office to numerous countries across the Asia Pacific. His drive towards delivering the consumers their desired payment methods and merchants’ integrated settlements, stands as key factors why AsiaPay is built. The award-winning payment solutions that he founded eyes for the future generation’s potential for a card and mobile-based financial settlements.

Embracing Tech Advancements 

AsiaPay’s payment platform now is integrated with the latest 3D SECURE 2.0 (3DS2.0). Through 3DS2.0, merchants’ eCommerce platform is able to enjoy advanced payment authentication, minimize payment friction and generate more successful transactions and increasing eTransactions and business revenue.

3-D Secure authentication is an additional security layer for cardnot- present transactions, and it has been used for over 10 years. It helps Issuing and Acquiring banks to authenticate the cardholder through a web browser to prevent fraud and AsiaPay has implemented our own certified 3-D Secure MPI and ACS solutions and providing our services to our valuable merchant and bank clients in Asia.

  • Customer experience: personalization, customization provides a seamless checkout and payment experience to their customers with various payment options and methods and completing their ePurchases in a secured platform.
  • Payment Innovation: Analytics, IoT and digital collaboration.

A Peek in AsiaPay’s Future 

The company claims that Asia is leading towards digitized payments society and states, to continue to champion its ePayment expertise in other parts of the world, it will make sure that its payment technology runs effectively and gives out streamlined access to its clients. Aiming for a revolutionized way of interaction in this day and age. Moreover, with over 100 payment methods and bank partners in Asia, AsiaPay is the leading electronic payment processing service and solution house in Asia, offering electronic payment processing solutions to banks and eBusinesses around the world.