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A Sustainable Shift

Industries in their true essence are the systems driven by technical excellence and customer satisfaction. These two variables are the vital ingredients for any organisation to thrive in this competitive domain. Unfortunately, not all the time these dimensions prove to…


Shaping the Future through AR and VR

“Science has narrowed the line between reality and virtuality.” This statement is proven right by two leading technologies that are an excellent example of the modern science. AR and VR are two terms become the revolution in manufacturing, education, Automotive…

Blockchain Technology | The CIOLOOK

Blockchain: How Blockchain Technology Functions?

The term Blockchain came into light in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. However it gets its frame when bitcoin became popular and needed a secure system to record transactions.  The original idea was to improve the quality of ledger system and…

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6 Elements of Business to Look For

Business sector has a vast area where production, sale and gain profit is the basic exercise to perform. There is no shortcut when it comes to put an idea into action. An entrepreneur of a new company or CEO of…


3 Areas Majorly Impacted by Logistics

Technology in every sector continuous to evolve and changes the aspect of the industry. In supply chain market new requirements, new technology is now different than it was even few years ago. Modern technology like Artificial Intelligence is coordinating the…