Boris Arciniegas: A Profound Business Leader Assisting Organizations with Innovative Technological Solutions

Some leaders imbibe entrepreneurial skills as they progress in their careers, while some gifted leaders have entrepreneurial qualities inbuilt in them since childhood. Recognizing these inbuilt qualities is an essential aspect of business leaders and growing upon them makes them stand out. Reflecting upon his qualities, Boris Arciniegas has transformed himself into the Founder, President, and CEO of Grupo Business IT. He leads an innovative business group specializing in high-tech IT services in several Latin American countries.

Boris has built the company to galvanize his ‘Green IT’ technological solutions to meet their business goals. Grupo Business IT enables organizations to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity through environmentally friendly and sustainable IT practices. It aims to provide its clients with a world-class experience by creating pioneering, internationally awarded technology solutions to empower each person and organization to achieve its goals.

Roots of an Entrepreneurial DNA

Boris Arciniegas was very observant, analytical, and creative as a child, the real place where he began his entrepreneurial journey. His urge to add a creative environment to his workplace came from a humble home that always sought to improve itself through new ways of generating income. The mixture of nature and a conducive environment shaped his entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. He took inspiration from global figures who stood out in science, such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Steve Jobs. He chose his domain because of his attraction to mathematics, physics, technology, and computers. He also won various programming competitions at the country level, which strengthened his path in this information technology industry.

Boris’s vast technical expertise and his love for nature made him an industry leader, particularly as the CEO of Business IT. He has formulated his three main responsibilities as the CEO, which go as follows:

  • A vision where the world will find itself in the following years and where the technology will be found in the future to create a plan for the organization and lead everyone along that path.
  • Create the conditions (strategy + culture) for the company to improve (change) faster and faster; the only sustainable competitive advantage over time is the ability to change rapidly.
  • Create new leaders who push the organization’s boundaries, supporting all the organization’s staff to grow personally and professionally.

Boris adds, “What makes me different from other industry leaders is my main goal is to change the world, to generate a massive transformation that allows us to have a better place to live. The economic success of the company is secondary.”

Inspiring Environment-Friendly IT practices

Business IT was founded in 2009 and had its HeadQuarter in Ecuador; later, it was expanded to several countries in Latin America. The company’s solutions have a high degree of innovation. It is among the first in the world to adopt new technologies that are now being released faster and faster for the benefit of its customers. The solutions are “Green IT,” which allows organizations to reduce their operating costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity through sustainable and environmentally friendly IT practices. Boris adds, “The company has changed a lot in the current situation, where its entire portfolio was redesigned in March to include many solutions that the market requires in this “new world” that we are living in.”


Deliver clients with a world-class experience by creating pioneering, internationally awarded technology solutions to empower every individual and organization to achieve their goals.


To be recognized globally by 2032 as one of the leading brands in transforming organizations with technological solutions.

The company has solidified its position in its niche by following simple, impactful points which read:

  • Character / Integrity: Leaders must inspire confidence. What the leader thinks, says, and does must be perfectly aligned.
  • Competence / Ingenuity: Leaders seek excellence in everything they do. They invest time in becoming the subject matter experts they lead.
  • Focused on Clients: They understand that the business exists for the clients. They do not allow internal bureaucracy to impede the growth of the business or organization. They build great teams by selecting the best. They are good communicators: They work consistently on their skills as communicators. They can summarize and explain their ideas. They transmit energy and stimulate others: They have a clear vision, and they manage to communicate it. They consistently emanate high levels of energy. They show that they love what they do.

Creativity is at the Core of Customer Service

“The crisis is an opportunity for creativity and innovation.”

One of the most important geniuses of the 20th century, Albert Einstein (1935), wrote, “The crisis is the best blessing to people and countries because the crisis brings progress. It is in crisis that inventiveness, discoveries, and great strategies are born.”

Before the pandemic, Boris updated his portfolio with new services every three months. Currently, he does it every three weeks. This means reorienting the company in all its areas towards a new direction is important now more than ever; the plan must have constant adjustments because the world is living in an environment of high uncertainty. Boris states, “These days, we are launching a whole new Cybersecurity offer implemented on world-class platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 that provide full integration with many systems, providing information security, agility, and global coverage to organizations.”

Grupo Business IT focuses on Customer Experience; Boris is preparing the entire company to better understand its customers’ needs and create an extraordinary experience when its customers buy their services. This is why it can expand quickly, opening two new operations in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the USA. The company rides on its core values to bring about international expansion, which is its most important project.

Scale Efficiency, Reduce Risks

The company looks to stay ahead of its competition by adopting several strategies. The most important strategy is to monitor clients to constantly determine changes in their portfolio, new competitive advantages they are taking out, and understanding of key personnel they are incorporating. Another factor is to use experimentation a lot, that is, have several ideas on how to optimize the staff internally, but it is needed to test the hypotheses and constantly experiment with controlled risks. Traditional organizations try to scale efficiency and predictability, creating static environments believing that it will reduce risks. This helps Grupo Business IT to move and change faster than the competition.