Content Management Startup Raises Fund to Build Serverless CMS

Content Management Startup Raises Fund to Build Serverless CMS

Webiny, a London-based startup has announced its seed round of worth $348 K to build an open-source serverless CMS for developers.

The total funding round was led by Episode 1, a UK investment company.

According to the Founder of Webiny, Sven AI Hamad, Webiny is been built for a serverless environment as a full-featured content management system. He states, “We built Webiny from the ground up, and architected it so it works only inside serverless functions.”

Sven added, “We believe that centralized is going to be the future of web development, and to help out the community and advance that thought, we built the first serverless content management system — and open-sourced it.

According to Webiny, the term ‘serverless’ doesn’t mean that no server is required for the functioning, instead, developers would be able to work without taking stress about infrastructure resources. The cloud providers could resolve developers’ issues as per their requirements along with scaling up and down automatically.

As per various sources, Sven states that websites can use this service perfectly. He explains the built system by taking an example of the Black Friday e-commerce scenario. He says that as e-commerce websites get crowded by the shoppers to take benefits of big sales on Black Friday and get overloaded, the cloud services add server capacity automatically as per requirement instead of supplying extra servers manually. Even it discontinued automatically after the fulfillment of its necessity.

He further notifies that the system also decreases the need of big DevOps team for operation management, and allows developers to maintain great websites freely without bothering about resources to run the content.

Sven said in a statement, “At the end of the day, developers can build new things much, much faster, like building the website or adding new features because he or she doesn’t need to waste time on spinning up servers just to test things or worrying about networking, load balances and all those complexities.

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