Environmental Organization Introduces a Floating Device to Cleanup Water Sources

A Floating Device to Cleanup Water Sources

Environmental Organization Introduces a Floating Device to Cleanup Water Sources

The Ocean Cleanup, a Netherlands-based engineering environmental organization has unveiled a floating solar-powered device that clears floating plastic out of rivers and oceans.  Within the coming five years, The Ocean Cleanup is now planning to clean-up as much as 1000 most polluting rivers, which are responsible for almost 80 percent of ocean plastic pollution. Boyan Slat, the Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup said to his audience during the launch, “This is not going to be easy, but imagine if we do get this done. We could truly make our oceans clean again.

The CEO has announced the device’s name as Interceptor in the revealing ceremony of the device. He has mentioned that this device is the first scalable solution which they will deploy around the globe to intercept river plastic pollution. Interceptor can extract 50,000 kg of trash per day which can be extended up to 100,000 kg per day under optimized conditions.

Boyan states, “To truly rid the oceans of plastic, we need to both clean up the legacy and close the tap, preventing more plastic from reaching the oceans in the first place. Combining our ocean cleanup technology with the Interceptor™, the solutions now exist to address both sides of the equation.”

He added, “We need to close the tap, which means preventing more plastic from reaching the ocean in the first place.”

According to The Ocean Cleanup, it has built as much as 4 Interceptors till now. Among which the first 2 systems are already in operation, one in Klang, Malaysia followed by the second one in Jakarta, Indonesia. The third system is currently under the installation process in Can Tho, Vietnam. The company is all set to deploy the newly built system in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In addition, Thailand has also inked for one system for Bangkok and USA’s documents are ready to be signed up.

A representative from the government of Selangor state in Malaysia, Izham Hashim stated at the launch that, “It has been used for one and a half months in the river and it’s doing very well, collecting the plastic bottles and all the rubbish,” and he is quite happy with the machine.

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