COVID-19 Coronavirus PPE Vendor Program by Tech Innovation Global, Inc.

Subject: COVID-19 Coronavirus PPE Vendor Program 

Thank you for including Tech Innovation Global Inc. in your project. We are pleased to provide the following technical, procurement and logistics capabilities in the PPE Vendor program  and other items can be purchased including COVID-19 testing. Tech Innovation Global Inc. is a WOSB/MSBE of the Small Business Administration (SBA).

We can provide:

  • Quote for 200,000 minimum to 3,000,000 maximum
  • Quantity per box/cases for 200,000 minimum to 3,000,000 maximum PPE Isolation Disposable
  • Quanitity per box/cases for 200,000 minimum to 3,000,000 maximum PPE Non woven 25GSM Blue
  • Quantity per box/cases for 200,000 minimum to 3,000,000 maximum PPE 35GSM Yellow
  • COVID-19 Testing

Products include a company certificate for the performance requirement.

During this time, the health and safety of facilities Health & safety: Mask required · Temperature check required · Staff wear masks · Staff get temperature checks.  It is very important to practice vaccination, social distancing, face masks, all appear to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in health care settings and the general community, accordingly to reviews commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) published examines studies on covid-19 as well as the related conditions SARS and MERS.  Overall, researchers analyzed information from 44 studies involving more than 25,000 people in 16 countries where 7 studies involved COVID-19, 26 involved SARS and 11 involved MERS. Irreplaceable COVID analysis shows testing along with mask recommendations on April 13, 2020 in guidelines utilized in response to guidelines instruction during a phased reopening flatten the curve. Health experts have done outstanding since then containing the virus in hospitals and identifying additional community spread. It’s a big collaborative effort where many pieces including PPE come together to reduce the spread. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® flatten the curve through performing COVID analysis and researching WHO-backed studies. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® is performed analysis. As COVID cases continue, daily testing was also available as the virus spreads among 25 – 49 years of age.

COVID-19 Response Face Masks Recommendations

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® collaborates with countries and USFCR where several COVID coordinated effort is ongoing since January 2020. You can also participate in clinical trials and helps flatten the curve to support everyday people globally; universities, non-profits, large businesses, and small businesses. Tech Innovation Global Inc. is a WOSB of the U.S. Small Business Administration Office.

Founded by Alicia Carroll, President and CEO, Tech Innovation Global Incorporated primary NAICS is 541330 Engineering. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® utilize the entrepreneurial experience of 18 years, Project Management (PM), Professional Business of Administration (PMBA) and Engineering in many sectors in the areas of science, recruiting, business development, task ordering procedures, strategic planning, marketing, public outreach, cost estimating, quotes, and PPE bulk items.  We collaborate with teams in a position that is challenging utilizes the experience, leadership, and skills acquired to maximize success in communities, minority-serving businesses, the private industry sector, commercial, and nonprofits.