Crypto Heist: U.S. Based Crypto Firm Nomad Loses $190 million to Theft


The latest such theft to affect the digital asset sector this year has targeted U.S. crypto firm Nomad. The stolen amount crossed $190 million.

Without providing any additional information or the amount of the theft, Nomad stated in a tweet that it was “aware of the occurrence” and was conducting an investigation.

To locate the compromised accounts and recover the monies, the company has alerted law police and is collaborating with blockchain forensics companies.

Nomad creates software that connects various blockchains, the digital ledgers that form the basis of the majority of cryptocurrencies.

The firm secured $22 million from investors, including prominent U.S. exchange Coinbase Global (COIN.O) last week.

Thieves are increasingly targeting blockchain bridges, a problem that has long plagued the cryptocurrency industry for long.