Healthcare Provider Cera Raises $320 in Latest Financing Round


A $320 million (£260 million) stock and debt financing round, split around 50/50, has been completed by Cera, a U.K.-based provider of healthcare inside patients’ homes enhanced by a platform that enables caregivers to monitor a patient’s health and potentially highlights problems.

The company now intends to grow from serving 15,000 patients each day to 100,000. Ironically, 15,000 patients are about similar to the 40 NHS facilities that Britain’s ruling Conservative Party vowed to build more than two years ago but haven’t yet done so.

The statistic demonstrates how software businesses that either use remote monitoring or hire caregivers to manually enter patient data into applications are revolutionising in-home patient care.

Long-term care provided in hospitals may eventually become unnecessary because the home can provide the same with greater benefits.