Dashlane can let you be free of the default password forever

You have to create a password for each service you use, remember it, and they are also vulnerable to phishing and data leaks, making them the bane of modern internet life. Even though passkeys are gradually providing some relief, and Google is the most recent company to join the trend, we can’t seem to give up using master passwords for our password managers. Dashlane intends to change that by introducing a passwordless login feature to its own password manager; however, the alternative login method it offers does not utilize a passkey.

Dashlane leading the pack  

Dashlane already supports passkeys with its browser extension and will soon add support for Android 14, but only for passwords stored within Dashlane. In contrast to those lengthy and difficult-to-remember master passwords, the company uses a different, proprietary method for logging into the Dashlane app. This method is said to be simple to use.

You will have the option to set up a PIN rather than a master password when you first sign up for Dashlane. You can alternatively utilize your telephone’s biometric security check — finger impression or facial acknowledgment — also to make sign-ins considerably quicker. Because the PIN is tied to the phone it was set on, you can scan a QR code from your phone to verify your Dashlane account logins on other devices. Dashlane intends to provide a one-time recovery key for account retrieval for situations in which you are unable to access your phone or have forgotten your PIN.

Dashlane said in a statement to The Verge that it didn’t use passkeys for its own app login setup. That is on the grounds that passkeys aren’t “prepared” right now and are normally attached to the stage you make them on, similar to research’s and Apple’s own secret phrase the executives frameworks for Android and iOS.