Gmail, too, now has blue authentication check

Google is carrying out a Gmail highlight that means to assist you with sorting out whether a shipper is certified or on the other hand assuming that they might be a trickster. A blue check next to the company’s name in your inbox indicates when a company has verified its identity.

New features of Gmail

The checkmark upgrade is Google’s most current use of the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) technology. Google began testing BIMI in Gmail in 2020. From the start, it empowered brands that were signed up for BIMI to remember validated logos for their messages. The blue check is a maybe more clear marker that the shipper is real.

“The sender of this email has verified that they own [the domain was sent from] and the logo in the profile image” will appear in a pop-up when you hover over the blue check in Gmail. A link that takes you to a page with additional information is included in the pop-up.

According to Google, “strong email authentication helps users and email security systems identify and stop spam, and it also enables senders to leverage their brand trust.” This benefits everyone in the email ecosystem by providing readers with a more immersive experience and improving trust in email providers. By the end of the week, the feature should be available to all users, and Workspace administrators can assist in establishing BIMI for their organization.

It’s good to see one organization carry back a component of trust to the blue check, which used to be an obvious sign that the individual, brand or business on the opposite end is the genuine article. At least Google does not appear to have used blue checks as a weapon in a culture war or to extract more revenue from users while undermining its overall trustworthiness.