Dr. Abhinanda Barman: A Journey of Innovation and Resilience for Educational Development on a Global Scale

Dr. Abhinanda Barman | Director-University Communications and Strategic Alliances, University of Stirling, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Dr. Abhinanda Barman | Director-University Communications and Strategic Alliances, University of Stirling, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Dr. Abhinanda Barman emerges as an exemplar of innovation and strategic prowess with a 21-year journey marked by transformative initiatives and resilience. Her odyssey commenced at ITC Limited, where as a Senior HR Officer, she delved into the intricacies of personnel management, laying the foundation for a holistic understanding of organizational dynamics.

Transitioning to Redington India Ltd. as a Marketing Coordinator, Dr. Barman showcased her ingenuity in crafting innovative marketing strategies. Her accolades included surpassing sales targets, earning recognition as the Best Sales Coordinator in Northern India and donning a distinctive red leather jacket and shoes – her personal trademark.

Her leadership voyage continued at ICFAI University, where she played a pivotal role as a Senior Trainer, aligning academic activities and fostering student success. As Training Head at Bharat Institute of Technology, she honed skills in strategic management and contributed significantly to the institution’s growth. The zenith of her career unfolded at IIMT University, where she held the position of Head of Department. Her noteworthy achievements, including hosting the Dalai Lama and dignitaries, showcased her international leadership on a grand stage.

Venturing beyond borders, Dr. Barman made substantial contributions at Regenesys Business School in South Africa, ascending to the role of Academic Head. Getting to train and building relationships in companies like Massmart, Danone, SANSA, Mercedez Benz, and African Bank underscored her adept program development and management skills. As the Academic Dean at CTU Training Solutions, she exhibited her leadership across faculties in Pretoria, South Africa affirming her ability to manage diverse aspects of education. As the Academic Dean at CTU Training Solutions, she exhibited her leadership across faculties in Pretoria, South Africa, affirming her ability to manage diverse aspects of education.

Presently positioned as the Director of University Communications and Strategic Alliances at the University of Stirling in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, Dr. Barman holds a key leadership role. Handpicked by C-suite leaders, she focuses on fostering communication, building strategic alliances and steering the university toward continued success.

Let’s discover innovative strategies, global collaborations and empowering insights by Dr. Barman!

Global Thought Leader

Dr. Barman’s academic credentials include a Postgraduate Diploma in Design Thinking and Innovation, two master’s degrees along with a PhD in Commerce and Business Administration.

Being a panelist in Conscious Leadership and Ethics Summit conducted by Mail and Guardian and Conscious Companies and Amgen, Dr. Barman is recognized for her thought leadership globally. She is invited to the Deans and Directors Summit in Feb 2024, happening in Johannesburg, South Africa and also as a speaker at The Global Sustainable Development Congress conducted by Times Higher Education in June 2024, happening in Bangkok, Thailand.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Barman is a professional member of The Institute of Business Advisors Southern Africa (IBASA) and the All-India Management Association (AIMA). She serves as an advisory member of the International Economic Development and Research Center (IEDRC) and The International Association of Engineering and Management Education (IAEME).

She was a Keynote speaker at a colloquium of Good Governance Academy, hosted and Chaired by Professor Mervyn King, the author of the world-renowned King-IV report on Business Ethics and Corporate Governance and a speaker at the Investing in Africa Summit, April 2023, conducted at Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Growth, Learning and Family

As a proud mother, Dr. Barman embraces life’s simple joys, spending her free time with family, gardening, reading, cooking, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Challenges throughout her career path have only fueled her commitment to driving growth, embracing digital learning and fostering global collaborations, solidifying her as an exemplary leader in the ever-evolving field of education.

Shaping Futures

According to University of Stirling, “Our unique character is built on their vision, mission and values; reflecting who we are, why we matter and why we are different.


Developing people and helping society through the pursuit and understanding of knowledge. We create the conditions for innovative, interdisciplinary research and communicate what we have learned to the wider world in a clear and useful manner.

Transforming the lives of our students and staff by giving them opportunities to reach their full potential intellectually and emotionally by making them resilient and giving them the skills they need for the modern world, and by instilling in them a sense of responsibility to promote public good.

Creating global citizens, working in partnership with governments, business and industry, the public, third sectors and colleagues in other institutions, to identify and meet the changing needs of society.


Dr. Barman shares, “To be recognized across the world as a university that addresses the needs of society through innovative and interdisciplinary research; learning and teaching of the highest quality; and by sharing our knowledge with the world.”

Partnerships, Solutions and Strategies

Dr. Barman employs diverse methodologies to fuel new growth opportunities. She forges partnerships with international institutions, fostering relationships for intellectual exchange. Furthermore, her approach involves conducting program capability presentations, addressing business challenges and crafting solutions centered around customer needs. Dr. Barman is also instrumental in formulating effective strategies, promoting employee engagement and implementing robust training and development initiatives, all contributing to the sustained growth of the organizations she leads.

Thriving in Business

Dr. Barman’s insights into the business world stem from a rich and diverse professional journey. Her extensive experience has taught her the importance of adaptability, innovation and staying relevant in the ever-changing landscape of business.

Dr. Barman places a strong emphasis on strategic thinking, design thinking and effective management consulting as crucial elements in navigating the complexities of the business world.

Through her roles, she has garnered a profound understanding of the significance of client relationship management, transformative project management and the formulation of pivotal revenue turnaround initiatives. In essence, her learning underscores the need for a dynamic and forward-thinking approach in today’s dynamic business environment.

Striving for Equality

Dr. Barman actively promotes gender diversity in leadership positions within her organizations through a series of thoughtful strategies. She emphasizes creating an inclusive work culture that values diversity, ensuring equal opportunities for professional growth and development regardless of gender.

Dr. Barman also champions mentorship programs and initiatives that empower women to take on leadership roles. She is committed to breaking down barriers, encouraging open communication and fostering a supportive environment that enables women to thrive in various leadership capacities. Through her leadership, Dr. Barman strives to build a diverse and equitable workforce, recognizing the invaluable contributions of individuals irrespective of gender.

Leading with Values

Dr. Barman incorporates a set of core values to cultivate an enriched work culture within her organizations. She places a high value on inclusivity, ensuring that every team member feels heard and valued, contributing to a collaborative and supportive atmosphere. Dr. Barman emphasizes transparency in communication, fostering an environment where information is shared openly and everyone is on the same page.

Integrity is another fundamental value she instills by promoting ethical conduct and trust among team members. She encourages a culture of continuous learning, valuing innovation and adaptability to keep pace with the evolving demands of the industry.

Furthermore, Dr. Barman prioritizes a strong work ethic, where dedication and diligence are celebrated, creating a positive and results-oriented work culture. Overall, her commitment to these values contributes to a workplace that nurtures both personal and professional growth, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment among her team members.

The Road Ahead

According to Dr. Barman, the next significant change in the education sector is likely to be the integration of advanced educational technologies and digital platforms to enhance the learning experience. To prepare for this transformative shift, she emphasizes a focus on implementing cutting-edge educational technologies. Dr. Barman advocates for fostering innovation in curriculum design and actively promoting online learning initiatives.

Additionally, she underscores the importance of forming partnerships with tech- companies to stay at the forefront of emerging trends in the education technology landscape. Dr. Barman suggests that adapting to the evolving needs of students and the industry involves a proactive approach, ensuring that her institutions are well-positioned to embrace the advancements and changes in the educational landscape.


In the long run, Dr. Barman envisions herself continuing to play a pivotal role in the education sector, driving innovation and contributing to the growth of her institutions. Her future goals for the company involve sustaining a trajectory of excellence and remaining at the forefront of advancements in education.

Dr. Barman aims to further strengthen alliances and global collaborations, fostering intellectual exchanges and enhancing the institution’s global standing. Additionally, she envisions the continued integration of cutting-edge educational technologies, ensuring her institutions provide an innovative and effective learning experience.

As a leader, Dr. Barman’s aspirations include steering her organization towards continued success, adapting to evolving educational landscapes and contributing significantly to the development of education on a global scale. Her long-term vision involves leaving a lasting impact on the field of education through sustained growth, strategic initiatives and a commitment to excellence.

Empower, Learn, Thrive

Dr. Barman emphasizes the importance of self-confidence, urging aspiring women leaders to believe in their capabilities and contribute their unique perspectives to the business world. She encourages continuous learning and adaptability, stressing the dynamic nature of the modern business landscape. She advises women to seek mentorship and build a strong professional network, fostering connections that can provide guidance, support and opportunities for growth.

Furthermore, Dr. Barman highlights the significance of resilience in the face of challenges, acknowledging that setbacks are inherent in the business world. She encourages women to view these challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, fostering a mindset of perseverance and determination.

Her advice revolves around self-belief, continuous learning, building a supportive network and cultivating resilience-attributes she considers essential for women to thrive as leaders in the modern business arena.