Fathima Ebrahim: Being a Perpetual Learner and Connecting People Digitally 

Fathima Ebrahim | Senior Manager | Marketing (SA) Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Africa

It is a mark of an educated mind to learn continuously and utilize learning for remarkable purposes. It is their passion to learn constantly, which helps them to be innovative and creative in the businesses they are leading. Fathima Ebrahim is one such business leader who is a perpetual learner and is passionate about utilizing technology for connecting people digitally.  

Let’s unveil her inspiring journey as a leader. 

Fathima Ebrahim’s first business leader was her dad- and she remains eternally grateful for his guidance. Her father shaped Fathima’s thinking. She then moved on to become a college principal- and moved to a different city. During this time, she realized her passion for media and communications- and after 7 years at the college, she moved to an entirely new field. During Fathima’s stint at the media company, she had the privilege of working with The National Basketball Association (NBA)- certainly a big highlight of her career. 

Fathima then moved onto Multichoice – which is the Pay Tv operator on the African continent- and spent 10 years learning about the entertainment world and all its facets- including the world of set-top boxes. This is where her world and love for technology started. She was then headhunted to work for Edelman – a global PR agency, in the role of Group Account Director. Subsequently, she also spent time at Weber Shandwick and the APO Group as Vice President – Media Relations- also well known for their PR and media footprint in Africa and the world. 

For Fathima, the opportunity to work at Liquid Intelligent Technologies came in 2021, and she took on the role of Senior Manager of Marketing (SA). Since then, she has been successfully spearheading the company’s marketing strategies and helping achieve its objectives. 

Enhancing Experience of Customers in Digital Journey 

Liquid is now a full one-stop-shop technology group that provides tailor-made digital solutions to businesses in the public and private sectors across the continent. The Group also operates state-of-the-art data centers in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, Harare, and Kigali, with a combined potential 19,000 square meters of rack space and 78 MW of power. Through this combined offering, Liquid Intelligent Technologies is enhancing customers’ experience on their digital journey. 

Creating Better and Brighter Lives for Everyone 

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is a pan-African technology group present in more than 20 countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. It has firmly established itself as the leading provider of pan-African digital infrastructure with an extensive network covering over 100,000 km. The company is redefining network, Cloud and Cyber Security offerings through strategic partnerships with leading global players, innovative business applications, smart cloud services and world-class security on the African continent. Liquid Intelligent Technologies is now a comprehensive, one-stop technology group that provides customised digital solutions to public and private sector companies across the continent under several business units including Liquid Networks, Liquid Cloud and Cyber Security and Africa Data Centres. 

At the very core of Liquid’s business is its belief that every individual on the continent has the right to be connected. It believes that the power of technology will create better and brighter lives for everyone. Liquid’s footprint spans the continent, and it serves a diverse group of nations and customers. It doesn’t only do what it does for short-term profit, but to make a difference in lives of its customers.  

Liquid Intelligent Technologies exists to deliver a superior customer experience, and that starts with a strong service mentality. It treats each business as if it were its own. It goes where none have gone before, providing the best solutions for its customers to succeed. It has invested heavily in its own network and technology. It created the largest single fiber network in the region, which stretches over 100,000km across borders to connect people locally, nationally, and internationally. It is not stopping there – it is continuing to invest so it can connect people all over Africa. 

“We are courageous enough to reinvent and grow. We are dynamic and responsive to the market,” expresses Fathima. 

Being Sound with Technology Knowledge 

Fathima believes that impact is only possible when one is given the platform to perform and grow in an innovative environment. Her technical knowledge was born during her days at MultiChoice, having spent 5 years of that time in the broadcast technology division. This was under the leadership of an amazing team, and an innovative company with a pioneering spirit. 

Her technology knowledge grew in leaps and bounds, as during her tenure there, many great brands emerged from this tech/ entertainment leader- that being DStv mobile, DSTV Catch Up, and Box Office- not to mention the range of PVR set-top boxes. These were exciting times with teams who pushed the boundaries of innovation.  

During her time at the PR agencies- she worked with many international technology brands – helping them craft strategies to amplify their presence on the African continent. At Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Fathima is blessed to be amongst such a world-class team, creating world-class products. She continues to learn every day. 

Change in Mindset 

We asked Fathima what change she would like to bring in the marketing arena, to which she says a change of mindset. A change of mindset would enable a greater understanding and appreciation of the work of a MARCOMMS practitioner. That marketing does not only involve events and fun stuff but that, in fact, marketing and communication teams are responsible for the reputation of the company. This comes with a great thought of how best to amplify a strategy to raise awareness, educate, create sales opportunities and brand love. 

A Mix of Traditional & New Will Work 

Fathima advises that trends indicate that consumers/businesses are purpose-driven. Having a purpose stems from a vision and set objectives. According to her, brands and companies will continue to compete for customers’ attention and share of wallets. She asserts, “The change comes about in how you strive to gain their loyalty. What product portfolio you have to earn and keep their attention and loyalty.” 

“Our South Africa CEO Deon Geyser continuous to emphasize that customers must be at the heart of our business and operational excellence in everything that we do. This is his vision and how we continue to build on this,” she adds. 

Digital and social media have changed the way brands interact with their customers – but Fathima believes that traditional media still has its place. She expresses, “We have seen great advancements in AR and VR- but one must always remember that while it may seem hip and trendy, it may not necessarily resonate with your audience- hence a mix of traditional and new- will always work.” 

Supporting Growth of Digital Technology Innovation 

Liquid Intelligent Technologies envisions leaving no African continent behind. Fathima believes that for Africa’s tech scene to thrive in the 21st century truly, it needs to quickly develop local digital skills and expertise. It always looks for new ways to support the growth of digital technology innovation across Africa.  

Also, a big milestone for Liquid Intelligent Technologies is that it achieved the 100,000 Km fiber network milestone, positioning the organization as the largest independent fiber network provider in emerging markets globally. It announced this in June 2021, and through milestones such as this- it creates opportunities for growth. 

Teaching Future Generations and Leaving No African Behind 

Talking about the future, Fathima mentions that she will continue to play a mentor role as she believes it is vital to teach future generations. For Liquid, the goal remains that it will leave no African behind.  

In her marketing role, she will continue to look at unique ways to gain customer attention and create avenues to continuously amplify customer excellence. Also, she will play her part in helping its CEO bring Liquid’s vision and objectives to life and strive to make every interaction meaningful and memorable.  

Besides, Fathima will continue to seek networking opportunities to simultaneously learn and teach.