Nykole Wyatt: Steering Ways Towards Success

Nykole Wyatt | Broker | Realtor | Owner | Member | Kole's Keys Real Estate

When facing wind out of the sails to land on the shore, prevailing the storm defines one of the essential traits: courage. Akin to such a trait to overcome the significant challenge by learning how to not second guess herself, Nykole Wyatt rose in the world of real estate.

Today, Nykole helps people who desire to own real estate as the Broker/Realtor/Owner of the Kole’s Keys Real Estate. Her compassionate and humble approach towards her clients creates magic, making her one of the most innovative business leaders.

CIO LOOK reached out to Nykole to tell her story that redefines the way of the real estate industry. Let us delve in!

The Rise

Nykole has come a long way in her professional journey, but her career saw substantial growth at Kole’s Keys Real Estate. Her prior experience in marketing endeavors shaped her value system to succeed. Working with people from every aspect of society pushed her to seek growth and opportunities continually.

Nykole’s open-mindedness and accountability, incorporated with her ability to treat clients the way she wants to be treated, are distinct, making her an admirable leader. She lives by her core values, but most importantly, Nykole keeps God first in everything she does, ensuring his favor reigns on her and those connected with her, including her clients. She says, “If I were out here being unethical and taking advantage of clients, media outlets like you wouldn’t be reaching out to me, calling me a leader. I certainly wouldn’t have the network that I have that continually refers clients to me.”

The Key to All Things

Kole’s Keys Real Estate mission is to assist anyone who desires to own real estate achieve that goal and assist anyone looking to sell real estate to do so while maximizing their profits.

Its vision statement is:

  • To provide work-life freedom that keeps clients at the forefront of what we do.
  • To provide a real estate experience that exceeds the “Wow Factor.”
  • To maintain honesty & transparency throughout a transaction to ensure client satisfaction
  • To uphold local, state, and national laws while remaining ethical
  • To continue our personal and professional growth for continued excellence

Its core values are honest integrity, commitment, diversity, client-centered focus, respect, and laughter.

The Technical View

When asked about how technology plays a significant role in the business, Nykole shares, “Technology is definitely here to stay. I incorporate it into what I do. Plus, when I have a not so tech-savvy client, I take my time to work with them. I make sure they do not feel lost in the sea of technological advancement. I let them know it is okay not to know about technology. I certainly don’t know it all. However, the days of signing a contract with ink are long gone when you have electronic means to do the same.

When the pandemic first occurred, the need to sign documents electronically skyrocketed. We now found ourselves not wanting to touch an ink pen handed to us without sanitizing it first…and then after using it. Showings become virtual, and new clients and customers become ready, willing, and able to see home strictly by video. But for those that still are unable to grasp the new ways of obtaining real estate, I’m committed to meeting my clients at their level of comfortability.”

Desiring Change

Nykole would love to see more diversity in real estate, among all races especially with the rise of consciousness in our country around race relations. For example, when buying or selling real estate, Caucasian people interacting more with African American Realtors without hesitation or second thought. She shares, “There are some excellent Realtors out there of all races; however, from my experience as an African American female Realtor, we still have to work twice as hard just to get a fraction of the clients as our Caucasian counterparts.”

The Predictive Shift

One cannot predict the future. Indeed, the pandemic and its effects on the Real Estate industry is evidence of that. Nykole mentions, “When we realized we were in a pandemic, people instantly thought we were headed for another real estate crash. No one could have predicted the exact opposite would have occurred. The world shut down, and the effects are still being felt today. I believe that people need to pay attention to interest rates. They can and will be a big indicator of how the market will be. I have a real estate coach with over 35 years of experience in the real estate industry, and even this crazy market has him stumped.”

Kole’s Keys Real Estate is doing what all agents should be doing…saving for a rainy day. It is also educating its clients and customers about changes in the industry. Nykole asserts, “We are keeping our minds abreast with required and elective continual education courses. I recently completed my Graduate, Realtor Institute designation, a designation that typically takes five years to complete. But it doesn’t stop there.”

The Goals Ahead

Nykole ultimately wants to teach real estate. She asserts, “I have been certified to teach by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, I have yet embarked on that journey in a solidified position. Right now, the growth of the company is paramount. As we partner with agents in the industry to build and connect on a higher spectrum, we are also here to propel those beyond their comfort zone for optimal growth.”

Guiding the Way

Nykole advises budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the Real Estate sector to get a coach. In her advice, a coach is more than a mentor, and it’s an investment in yourself. She notes, “Believe in yourself and Brand yourself. There is a simple saying that it takes money to make money. I pay for a coach because I do not know it all, and having someone who has literally ‘been there and done that,’ speeds up the learning curve and provides you with a different perspective on things. My outlook is not the same as it was when I went out on my own and launched my real estate brokerage firm. My mindset has changed too. My growth has been exceptional, and my branding is top-notch! No one will go harder for you than you go for yourself. And that’s the key to success.

I am a firm believer that all things all possible if you set your mind to it and back it with action that includes preparing yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically. At the end of the day, you’ve got this; but only if you want it.”