Giuseppe Carusi: Pioneering the Future of Underwater Exploration

Giuseppe Carusi—Founder & CEO at iSpace2o
Giuseppe Carusi—Founder & CEO at iSpace2o

Giuseppe CarusiFounder & CEO at iSpace2o, is rising above the crowd with a profound connection to the sea and a relentless drive for innovation amidst the vast expanse of the maritime industry. Hailing from the coastal town of Marina di Carrara, Italy, where his fascination with the ocean took root, Carusi’s journey into the depths of maritime innovation began early. From his youth spent sailing the waves to exploring its depths as a diver, Carusi developed a keen awareness of the limitations plaguing marine technologies.

In 1992, while in California, he embarked on a ground-breaking endeavor with a friend, contributing to the development of the pioneering Bionic Dolphin—the world’s first submersible hydrofoil. Hindered by the technological constraints of the era, the project lay dormant until the advent of electric powertrains and Ion Lithium batteries. With renewed vigor in 2015, Carusi resurrected his vision culminating in the design of the DeepSeaker—a revolutionary underwater craft.

Today, as the visionary leader behind iSpace2o, Carusi remains steadfast in his mission to propel the maritime sector into a new era of sustainable innovation.

Let’s discover the depths of innovation with Carusi as he shares his journey of revolutionizing the maritime industry in an exclusive interview!

Tell our audience more about your company and its mission and vision. 

In 2019, I founded iSpace2o as an innovative startup to develop the DeepSeaker to which a series of electric boats and water toys were recently added. Today, we are in the process of acquiring a production facility in Sardinia to carry out prototyping and aim to having the first e-boats ready for the market before end of 2024.

What methodologies do you implement that contribute to new growth opportunities?

iSpace2o is implementing robotic technology as 3D printers for prototyping parts and 6-axis anthropomorphic robots to carve models and build molds. Also, the latest CNC machinery and 3D modeling software will help us in our creations.

First of all, iSpace2o is an R&D company dedicated to implementing high-tech solutions from other fields, like automotive and aerospace into marine craft engineering as well as using eco-sustainable materials like Paulownia wood for decks and onboard furniture as well as recyclable materials in construction.

iSpace2o wants to be a think tank for young talents willing to share their creativity in designing and building the marine crafts and technologies of tomorrow with an eye towards sustainability and lower carbon footprint. We have a plan to become net zero carbon by planting a number of Paulownia trees—with the ability to absorb 10 times the CO2 of any other tree—to compensate for the carbon footprint of every boat that we will produce.

We are also keeping an eye towards the future by experimenting with hybrid hydrogen technology on our powertrains to be able to transition our boats to the cleanest available fuel nature offers in the near future.

Please share your learning of the business world.

I have been in marketing for years in various field applications related to industrial production equipment. The boating industry has experienced various trends, including a growing demand for recreational boating. There has been a rise in the popularity of smaller, more affordable boats driven by younger consumers and those new to boating.

Advancements in technology have influenced the design and manufacturing of boats with a focus on fuel efficiency, automation and smart technologies. Electric and hybrid propulsion systems have gained attention as the industry explores more sustainable options. This has prompted the development of eco-friendly technologies and materials.

Recreational boating is a significant driver of the industry. Key segments include powerboats, sailboats, yachts, and personal watercraft. Consumer preferences are diverse and understanding as well as adapting to changing preferences is vital for success.

What strategies do you implement to promote gender diversity for various leadership positions at your company? 

In iSpace2o, we advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We recognize the value of diverse perspectives and work towards creating an inclusive environment for everyone. iSpace2o will establish and communicate clear equal opportunity policies to ensure that all employees have an equal chance of advancement regardless of gender.

We will offer leadership development programs specifically designed to identify and nurture the talents of women within the organization. This may include mentorship programs and skill-building initiatives.

What values do you incorporate to enhance the work culture of your company?

In iSpace2o, it is the results that count and we believe that the wellbeing of our workforce is paramount. To this extent, we will provide flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options or flexible schedules to accommodate the needs of both men and women particularly those with caregiving responsibilities. This includes creating an environment where all employees feel respected, included and have a sense of belonging.

What, according to you, could be the next significant change in your sector? How are you preparing for the change? 

We are keeping an eye towards the future by experimenting with hybrid hydrogen technology on our powertrains to be able to transition our boats to the cleanest available fuel nature offers in the near future. I think the boating industry in general is becoming more and more focused on low environmental impact so cleaner energy propulsion systems and to a certain extent also self-generation of energy by solar, wind and hydrogen will be key.

Where do you envision yourself to be in the long run and what are your future goals for your company?

I hope that iSpace2o will set a new standard in the eco-sustainable marine ecosystem as well as lead the way in sustainable energy powertrain innovation and innovative applications to obsolete marine technologies. I hope to bring iSpace2o to the forefront of the industry and expand to world markets.

What advice would you give to the next generation of women leaders willing to venture into the modern business arena? 

Have confidence in your abilities and believe that you deserve a seat at the table. Trusting yourself is the first step towards gaining the confidence of others. Stay curious and commit to continuous learning, the business world evolves rapidly and therefore being adaptable and open to acquiring new skills will serve you well.

Don’t shy away from challenges. Embrace them as opportunities for growth and learning. Overcoming obstacles will only make you more resilient and capable. Be assertive in communicating your achievements and aspirations. Don’t Fear Failure—Failure is a natural part of the learning process. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. Instead, view it as an opportunity to learn, grow and refine your approach.

Embrace your unique qualities and use them to your advantage in leadership. As you progress in your career, use your influence to advocate for other women. Support initiatives that promote gender equality and create opportunities for women in the workforce.

Remember that every leader’s journey is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Adapt these pieces of advice to your personal circumstances and aspirations. Always stay true to your authentic self.