Greg Cruikshank: Making Science Accessible & Pioneering Virtual Events & Conferences.

Greg Cruikshank, CEO, Labroots

In the world of advanced technology, it is essential for business leaders to have good technological acumen to come up with innovative solutions according to the changing needs of the market. They need to be well-aware of the potential of the latest technologies and be flexible to incorporate the latest technologies according to the changing times. For business leaders, leveraging professional and entrepreneurial skills is significantly important to make a difference in the industry.

With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience at various Life Science and Biotech Companies, Greg Cruikshank leveraged his professional and entrepreneurial skills by starting Labroots in 2008. He is the CEO of Labroots. Labroots is the leading scientific social networking website, offering top scientific trending news and premier educational virtual events and webinars. The company provides virtual events, articles, and webcasts that go beyond the mundane and explore the latest discoveries in the world of science. Labroots users can stay atop their field by gaining continuing education credits from a wide range of topics through their participation in webinars and virtual events.

Pivoting from Physical to Virtual Events

One of the biggest challenges that Labroots has faced this past year was the necessary growth with the exponential increase of business. Companies and universities around the world sought out new event marketing strategies and many came to Labroots to make the pivot into the virtual space. The company’s expertise in the virtual and hybrid event space has aided companies, across a variety of industries, pivot from physical to virtual events during the coronavirus pandemic.

Making the Most Interactive Experience Possible

The pandemic has really put into perspective the value of those in-person interactions, that is why Labroots has made it a goal to make the virtual event experience one that mimics the feel of a physical conference. The company’s custom virtual events host Zoom rooms, live chats, live surveys and polls, photo booths, in addition to the standard lobby, auditorium, exhibit, and poster halls, to make for the most interactive experience possible.

Being Flexible with Business Strategies

Greg says that it is 100% vital for businesses to align with sophisticated technologies in this current economic environment. He expresses that the coronavirus pandemic showed many business leaders how necessary it is to be flexible in business strategies. Labroots has been leveraging cutting-edge technologies from the get-go, it is a part of its blueprint. It is a part of Labroots mission to help other companies make the shift into the digital world.

Delivering Free and Accessible Virtual Events

Labroots offers registration to all its virtual events free of cost, as well as continuing educational (CE) credits at all its virtual events and for many of its webinars. The company believes that science should be free and accessible, emphasizing digital innovation in scientific collaboration and learning. In addition to this, its custom virtual events have been a staple for companies to market their latest research and products since physical events were not an option.

Keeping Science Fun

Labroots has become a primary source for trending scientific news, webinars, virtual conferences and more. It has recently launched a Leaderboard gamification feature to the platform, allowing users to compete against others as they collect points based on their engagement on the site and event participation. In addition to the online portal, Labroots now has an online store, loaded with science-themed t-shirts for all science lovers. From topics like Genetics and Cell Biology, Labroots offers a large selection of t-shirts, mugs, and accessories for men and women. No matter what kind of science one enjoys, Labroots has apparel everyone will love.

Award-Winning Performance

2021 Company of the Year Internet & New Media (Gold Stevie Winner)

2019 Consumer Service of the Year (Gold Best in Biz Winner)

2019 Company of the Year Media & Entertainment (Gold Stevie Winner)

2019 Collaboration/Social Networking Solution (Bronze Stevie Winner)

2018 Creative Department of the Year (Bronze Best in Biz Winner)

2018 Operations Department of the Year (Bronze Best in Biz Winner)

2018 Marketing Department of the Year (Silver Stevie Winner)

2018 Global Sales Team of the Year (Bronze Stevie Winner)

Being Up to Date with Latest Research

Greg advises budding entrepreneurs to keep up with the latest technology and make sure they become an expert in their field. He says, that just like anyone seeking to become the best microbiologist or astrophysicist, it takes time, and one must be up to date on the latest research in one’s field. He says that same applies for business and advises them to be the best and to be the most updated on whatever field you are trying to make a name in.

Labroots really came to life over the past year, and it has big goals ahead. It aims to continue to invite the best and brightest speakers to its virtual events, but the company also has changes coming to how it hosts its virtual events as a whole and the features that come with them. Stay tuned!