Husam Mansour: A Transformative & Strategic HR Leader

Husam Mansour | EVP & CHRO at ADNIC
Husam Mansour | EVP & CHRO at ADNIC

Let’s introduce you to one of the most influential and business-driven HR leaders in 2023 and learn what’s made him successful. Meet Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at ADNIC, Husam Mansour.

With extensive expertise in strategic Human Resources, transformation and change management, talent management, and HR automation, Husam Mansour, Chief Human Resources Officer at Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC), is recognized as one of the best CHROs in the MENA region. Husam has made a name for himself in the human resources industry in UAE over the last few years, leveraging his background in strategic Human Capital management and change management. He has held leadership roles in renowned organizations such as the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Arab Bank, and Al Hilal Bank. Currently, as the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company since 2019, his focus is on building a more robust and efficient workforce, utilizing the expertise gained from his previous work experiences and vast knowledge.

Husam demonstrated expertise in HR automation and digitalization projects, having a bachelor’s degree in information technology has played a vital role in shaping his progressive understanding of digital HR solutions’ role in steering an innovative and best practice-based HR function. Husam received the HR Automation Initiative of the Year award in December 2021. He has also recently received the CHRO of the Year for Sustainable Workforce (2022) award, in addition to the CHRO of The Year award for 2021 from the World HRD Congress.

Strategic Human Capital Leadership

Human resources are at the core of any enterprise, and they play a vital role in building a foundation of trust and improving productivity. The most significant transformation in the HR industry will come from ideation across all business factors. Companies need to focus on restructuring and change management as trends around the global workforce shift with faster technological advancements than ever before.

To step into the future, companies must adapt sustainable business strategies that are aided by technology to target customer centricity. Husam’s focus is to develop efficacious business strategies through important channels: employee experience and engagement, HR automation, efficiency enhancement and cost optimization,, and staff wellness. All of which directly contribute to improved customer service by focusing on building an enjoyable and efficient corporate culture. This model has been strategically delivered through sustainable HR business strategies that enhance business value, and help the company adapt to changing trends in the global workforce.

Aligning Business with Tech

Technology is the way forward, not just for the HR industry but for the global workforce. Husam has been a champion in leading the introduction of end-to-end HR automation, aligned with ADNIC’s strategic themes of modernization, to enhance HR processes for easy access and use by the staff. This has resulted in reduced time and efforts expended and increased productivity, resulting in a positive impact on customer service.

Programs such as the mobile app have been introduced, providing anytime, anywhere, secure access to HR services and enabling employees to focus on serving clients.

For ADNIC, technology is the driving force behind providing an enhanced customer experience. The company has developed solutions for digitizing client information and communication to allow faster feedback from clients and improve in-house operations. Husam strongly believes that digitalization is the future and that it is crucial for businesses, especially large enterprises, to embrace and adopt technological solutions across all management and communication channels as part of their corporate social responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint. This is especially important in light of the climate crisis.

Husam’s second and ongoing focus is to drive value through company employees to deliver excellent customer service at every touchpoint. Working with his team, he creates customer-centric strategies, automates feedback and complaints, and digitizes transactions and HR processes to ensure transparency across all company tiers, which directly impacts the employees experience.

A Change Agent

Husam, who strongly believes in integrating Sustainable efficiency enhancement solutions, is an HR expert in transformation and change management. He focuses on creating a holistic performance culture that prioritizes enhancing employees’ efficiency, achieve corporate goals and targets, and enhances the employee experience work culture.

Husam’s dedication to optimization and efficiency in various sectors and being a change agent within the organization led his team to earn the HR Team of the Year award from PeopleFirst Excellence awards in 2022. The widespread use of workforce efficiency enhancement has allowed the businesses they serve to increase productivity while also addressing the people challenges that business leaders face today.

Prioritizing Employee Wellness and Accessibility

During Covid period Husam has led introducing a staff wellness plan in ADNIC, which resulted that they were one of the first companies in the market to pioneer focusing on such key emerging needs. He believes that empowering and valuing the workforce is the key to actual productivity and success. As part of this plan, ADNIC also partnered with the Stress Management Society to address the psychological effects of the pandemic on their workforce, and to provide a more wholesome and positive work environment for its employees during a time of global distress.

With the onset of the pandemic, employee well-being and safety became critical issues for all corporations, and ADNIC was no exception.

Guidance for Future Leaders

Husam firmly believes that the success of any organization depends on a thriving workforce. He emphasizes the significance of achieving a work-life balance, as it positively impacts productivity. Husam suggests to invest in incorporating Artificial Intelligence into building a new HR model, and shaping an innovative Human Resources framework, to embrace latest technological innovations and trends, and to drive constructive changes within HR practices.

Leadership plays a crucial role in any enterprise, and it is crucial for business leaders to adapt quickly to changing work environments. According to Husam, future business leaders should prioritize identifying and enhancing employee well-being. He stresses that the workforce is a potent entity that can flourish under progressive and supportive leadership. Given the current post-pandemic work environment, Husam believes that business leaders must create value for their employees to generate value for their customers.

To achieve this, Husam recommends that the next generation of business leaders focus on developing employee engagement strategies and rewards management. He suggests investing in empowering employees to establish transparency and accountability in the work environment and strategically utilize employee wellness as a new HR tool to proactively create a positive culture for staff that would contribute towards retaining employees and achieving business goals and targets.