Trey Matheu: Setting the Standard for Luxury Hospitality

Trey Matheu | Managing Director | Nemacolin
Trey Matheu | Managing Director | Nemacolin

The hospitality industry plays a vital role in providing exceptional experiences and luxurious accommodations to guests worldwide. Within this sector, Nemacolin stands as a beacon of excellence, renowned for its opulent amenities and unwavering commitment to service. At the helm of this prestigious establishment is Trey Matheu, the esteemed Managing Director whose expertise and passion have propelled Nemacolin to new heights.

As Matheu leads Nemacolin, his extensive experience in the hospitality industry, combined with the resort’s commitment to exceptional service, sustainability and technological advancements, positions it as a premier luxury destination. With a focus on creating personalized experiences and fostering a positive work culture, Nemacolin continues to set itself apart from competitors and remains a leader in the ever-evolving hospitality sector.

Let’s delve into the highlights of Matheu’s journey of excellence, where personalized service, cutting-edge technology and a commitment to sustainability converge to create unforgettable moments at Nemacolin.

Maintaining Unparalleled Quality and Service

Ensuring the highest standards of quality and service is paramount for Nemacolin, and Matheu understands the key ingredients that make this possible. A well-defined plan with meticulous specificity serves as the foundation, enabling associates to consistently meet and exceed guest expectations. Continuous training and development programs support this approach, allowing the team to grow and adapt to evolving guest needs.

However, the pursuit of excellence doesn’t end there. Matheu emphasizes the importance of listening to feedback from guests and associates alike. Recognizing that valuable insights can come from unexpected sources, Nemacolin encourages all team members to contribute ideas that enhance the guest experience, improve business growth and foster a positive work environment. He says, “By walking the property, talking to guests and associates, and inspecting expectations, we strive to solidify this culture of excellence daily.” By actively seeking and acting upon these ideas, Nemacolin cultivates a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Setting Nemacolin Apart

Authenticity and Unparalleled Offerings

In the competitive landscape of luxury resorts, Nemacolin distinguishes itself through its commitment to authenticity. Nestled in the heart of southwestern Pennsylvania, the property benefits from a genuine and caring community that permeates every aspect of the guest experience.

Matheu shares, “We treat each guest as a person rather than trying to accomplish tasks on a checklist.”

Associates and staff members treat each guest as an individual, allowing for personalized interactions and bespoke experiences. This personalized approach, combined with Nemacolin’s vast collections of art, cars, architecture, activities and more, creates an immersive and unparalleled experience that sets the resort apart from others in the region.

To remain competitive, Nemacolin continuously refines its offerings and introduces unique elements to captivate its guests. By embracing authenticity and constantly reinventing itself, the resort ensures its continued success in the luxury market.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Empowering Associates and Enhancing Guest Satisfaction

Matheu recognizes that the foundation of exceptional guest experiences lies in empowering associates. To achieve this, Nemacolin recently completed an associate “village” project, providing luxury housing, recreational facilities and pubs, among other amenities. By investing in the well-being and development of its associates, Nemacolin aims to create a culture where genuine and caring relationships flourish, ultimately benefiting the guests.

Furthermore, Nemacolin strives to remove traditional hierarchies and empower associates to make decisions that directly impact guest satisfaction. By encouraging a positive and autonomous work environment, the resort fosters a sense of ownership and accountability among the team, resulting in enhanced guest experiences.

Promoting a Positive Work Culture

Nemacolin’s management philosophy revolves around three core tenets. First and foremost, caring for guests and associates is paramount. By developing deep connections and providing unwavering support, the resort creates an environment where both guests and associates thrive. Second, a strong work ethic drives success. Employees are encouraged to be fully engaged, focused and dedicated to their roles. Lastly, Nemacolin emphasizes the importance of humility and putting the needs of guests and members above personal agendas. By fostering a collaborative and ego-free work culture, the resort maintains a singular focus on providing exceptional service.

Matheu says, “Checking egos at the door is crucial to maintaining a positive work culture focused on serving our guests and members and driving the business forward.

Commitment to Sustainability

Acknowledging the growing importance of sustainability in the hospitality industry, Nemacolin has made significant strides in promoting eco-conscious practices. A dedicated Director of Sustainability oversees all sustainability efforts, integrating them into every aspect of the resort’s operations.

Notable initiatives include the installation of a photovoltaic solar array on The Chateau, offsetting a significant amount of energy consumption annually. Additional solar projects are being explored, reducing the resort’s carbon footprint. The Wisteria housing project exemplifies sustainability with its energy-efficient smart appliances, carbon-negative siding and energy-saving windows. The resort prioritizes local sourcing, with approximately 70% of ingredients procured from farms within a 250-mile radius. Single-use plastics are minimized through the use of non-plastic and biodegradable service ware, both for outlets and associate breakrooms.

Nemacolin also takes pride in its commitment to water conservation, utilizing a stormwater recirculatory system for irrigation and maintaining protected wetland conservation areas. Collaboration with environmental partners has led to stream restoration efforts, contributing to the overall health of local ecosystems.

Leveraging Technology

Operational Efficiency and Enhanced Guest Experiences

Recognizing the transformative role of technology in the hospitality industry, Nemacolin leverages various technological advancements to enhance operational efficiency and guest experiences. Renovation projects include the integration of automation into guest rooms, enabling seamless control of temperature, lighting, entertainment systems, and more. Meeting spaces are equipped with streaming services, virtual meeting capabilities and integrated control systems for lighting and audio.

To streamline operations and enhance guest interactions, Nemacolin has partnered with Salesforce to develop an integrated point-of-sale system. This system consolidates guest history, notes and preferences, enabling personalized and seamless experiences across all touchpoints. Additionally, Nemacolin offers a proprietary app that provides relevant information, including itineraries, menus and internal communication tools. An upcoming app will allow guests to track and request on-call shuttle services in real-time.

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Striving for Excellence

Under Matheu’s leadership, Nemacolin aims to be recognized as the best luxury resort in the world. Short-term goals include a comprehensive renovation project and creating an immersive and luxurious environment for guests. Additionally, Nemacolin has implemented an accelerated learning and development program to identify and nurture future leaders within the organization.

Long-term goals center around continuous improvement, investing in both guests and associates and striving to be a little better each day. By remaining dedicated to enhancing the guest experience, evaluating feedback and embracing new opportunities, Nemacolin seeks to elevate its standing as a leading luxury resort.

Adapting to Industry Trends

Research, Guest Feedback and Associate Engagement

Nemacolin relies on comprehensive research and active engagement with guests and associates to stay ahead of industry trends and remain relevant. Competitive shopping, trade magazines and shows and active memberships in industry organizations provide valuable insights into emerging trends. Equally important is listening to guests directly, conducting focus groups, and regularly seeking feedback to understand expectations and areas for improvement. Nemacolin also holds open forum meetings with associates, encouraging unfiltered feedback and staying attuned to guest experiences as shared by frontline team members.

Anticipating Challenges and Embracing Change

As the Managing Director of Nemacolin, Matheu anticipates challenges stemming from the impact of the pandemic on the hospitality industry. With significant numbers of employees yet to return to the workforce, recruiting and training future hospitality professionals become a critical challenge. Nemacolin aims to reimagine the industry, focusing on the priorities and expectations of the next generation. By embracing technology and automation, the resort seeks to enhance operational efficiency and empower associates to provide exceptional service.

Measuring Success

Associate Satisfaction and Guest Feedback

He says, “Guest retention, satisfaction and feedback are important indicators of our success.”

For Matheu, measuring success as a leader lies in the feedback received from associates. By actively listening and creating an environment where associates can voice their opinions, Matheu gains valuable insights into the effectiveness of the resort’s operations. The success of Nemacolin is further evaluated through guest-return percentage and feedback, which serve as indicators of guest satisfaction and the overall experience provided. Financial performance is considered a consequence of relentlessly pursuing excellence in associate satisfaction and guest service.