Instagram competes with Linktree and others by allowing up to 5 ‘links in bio’

Linktree, Beacons, and numerous other “link in bio” solution providers are being challenged by Instagram’s new feature for adding links to user profiles.

The business said on Tuesday that users would now be able to post up to five links within their Instagram profile bios. These links can take followers to other content, such as their online businesses, brands they want to promote, causes they care about, or even their profiles on rival social platforms.

New and Different Features of Instagram

The company claims that the feature has been a top request from creators, but in reality, it is also an illustration of how Instagram has allowed alternative solutions to flourish because it has failed to adapt to the requirements of that community.

Linktree and others emerged largely as a result of platform restrictions, such as those on Instagram and other social networks. For a considerable amount of time, these restrictions prevented users from adding multiple links to other websites out of concern that they would assist in directing users to content outside of their own apps. Instead of risking losing users’ time and engagement, the platforms would rather keep them confined to Instagram or their own network.

This decision was not made by Instagram alone. It is now even more difficult for regular users and creators to direct fans and followers to other websites because TikTok restricts clickable links in its bios to only those with business accounts. After all these years, Instagram may have decided to finally respond to creator demand for more access to links in bios because of complaints about TikTok’s stricter restrictions.

The company probably thinks that giving creators more access to links could give them a competitive advantage and bring them back to its app. As a matter of fact, Instagram gets down on that its capacity to add numerous connections to a profile will be accessible to “all records,” including business and maker accounts.