Books, FaceTime, and everything else Apple’s AR headset will do out of the box

As per another report, Apple is arranging a whirlwind of custom AR/VR applications for its headset. At the WWDC keynote on June 5, Apple is expected to introduce its new mixed-reality headset, dubbed “Reality Pro.”

That will occur in less than two months. Additionally, despite the fact that the headset isn’t expected to ship until later this year, Apple needs to provide developers and potential customers with exciting experiences in order to entice them to buy it.

Apple AR Headset on the go

As indicated by the most recent report from Bloomberg’s Imprint Gurman, it’s everyone ready and available to make custom AR/VR adaptations of Apple’s center applications. The majority of the applications listed in the report have been assumed but have not yet been verified. According to Gurman, some of the company’s developers have been working 80-hour weeks to get the software ready for the June 5 launch.

It would appear that the Reality Pro will receive a bespoke application for each and every pre-installed app. The following apps are mentioned in Gurman’s report: Pages, Photos, Reminders, Music, News, Numbers, Safari, Stocks, TV, Weather, Books, Calendars, Camera, Contacts, FaceTime, Fitness, Files, Freeform, GarageBand, Home, IMovie, Keynote, Mail, Maps, Messaging, Notes, Pages, Photos, Reminders and much more.

Many of the apps are said to look similar to their iPad counterparts. It makes sense because the majority of these items are fundamentally based on text or images; consequently, phrases such as “floating iPad app windows with custom controls” seem like the appropriate approach to take at the outset.

With Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer likely highlighting the content, it is likely that Apple will also make the immersive experience of watching sports a major selling point. A brand-new Multi-View feature for sports was included in the tvOS 16.5 beta, but it is unclear whether this is one of the augmented reality features.